10 Steps To Create Unique Content with Rich SEO

Unique Content with Rich SEO

Unique Content with Rich SEO

In order to make your blog a success, you need to get a lot of targeted traffic that you can convert into sales, ad clicks or leads. One of the best ways to get that targeted traffic is to use search engine optimization. Each time you write a blog post, you have several opportunities to use SEO to get that traffic. Here are 10 steps you can use on each blog post you write to create unique content that has rich SEO:

Create Unique Content with Rich SEO

Step #1.Identify Keywords

All of your SEO efforts depend on the keywords you are targeting, so any content strategy has to start with identifying the keywords. Brainstorm a list of keywords that are relevant to your niche, then check out your competitors and find out what they are using. Use the Google keyword tool for suggestions, as well, or use keyword software to do it for you.

Step #2. Do Keyword Research

Once you have identified a list of possible keywords, it is important to research them to make sure they are getting the hits you will need in order to make them worth promoting on your blog. Use the Google keyword tool to find local and global monthly searches and to figure out what the competition is for each keyword.

Step #3. Use Keywords in Your Content

Write each post around a single keyword or keyword phrase, and then optimize the post by using those keywords an appropriate number of times within the content. There is no hard and fast rule for the right keyword density, but generally speaking, you should use the keyword at the top of the post and then use it again once every 100 words or so.

Step #4. Write Great Content

No matter how well optimized your post is, if you write poor content, it won’t rank. Make sure that every post includes great content that is well-written and is free of grammar and spelling errors.

Step #5. Create Dense Content

Flimsy content performs just as poorly as content that is full of errors. If you want to improve the SEO of a post easily, write dense content that includes tons of useful information. Consider the post to be a resource guide of sorts, rather than skimming through the basics of a topic.

Step #6. Use Meta Tags

Meta tags help to tell search engines what your content is all about. You can use your keywords in your meta tags to help rank your site higher for those terms. Use an SEO plugin with your theme to give you an easy option for writing your own meta tags and descriptions for each post.

Step #7. Include Links

Quality links can help your site gain page rank very quickly — even when those links are pointing out from your site. Make sure to include links to authoritative sources that complement your content, as well as internal links to related content on your own site.

Step #8. Include Optimized Photos

Photos and other graphics help to complement your content and to create a more authoritative and attractive post. Make sure you include photos and graphics on each post, and be sure that they are optimized for the web for fast load times. Don’t overlook opportunities to use your keywords in the captions, descriptions and alt tags.

Step #9. Encourage Comments

The more engagement there is on your post, the higher you can get it to rank in search results. Encourage comments by including a call to action on each post, such as a question that prompts further discussion.

Step #10. Encourage Social Sharing

Social bookmarking creates additional markers around your post, including quality external links, which will help it to rank higher in search results. Include buttons for sharing your content on major social networks, and then include a call to action at the end of each post asking your readers to share it if they found it useful.

Every blog post that you write is an opportunity to increase the search ranking for your site. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve your SEO and to start getting the traffic that you need.


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