11 Steps To Encourage Readers To Share Your Content

11 Steps To Encourage Readers To Share Your Content

11 Steps To Encourage Readers To Share Your Content

Your readers are your biggest promoters; no amount of PR can get your blog the mileage your readers can get you. For this to be possible, your readers must share your content willingly with their networks, through forums and social media. How do you get them to do that, without being a pain? We’ll tell you how.

1. Offer Content That People Will Be Proud To Share

Dig out the most valuable aspects of your niche and offer high-value tips and how-tos freely. When you do this sincerely and with total interest in enhancing your readers’ lives, you’ll make a strong impact on them. Your readers will hurry to share every valuable piece you post for them.

2. Use Quotes From Celebrities

Dig for quotes by celebrities in your field and insert them into your posts. Use a bold color and larger sized font to highlight the quotes. People like to share such quotes with each other, especially when there’s a link to the celebrity’s blog for reference.

3. Stimulate And Titillate Your Readers

Be a little edgy, controversial, and a tad outrageous and bit scandalous. Sounds like a tall order? Not really. You’ll be surprised how even the most staid audience following utterly boring topics responds to a little titillation. People love sharing stuff that make their eyebrows rise – the edgier, the more controversial your post, the more it’ll be shared. Just don’t step on anyone’s toes, though.

4. Make It Easy To Share Your Content

Your articles may be most interesting and thrilling. However, if your readers are not able to find those share buttons right off, their enthusiasm will wear off and they’ll soon forget about your post. Place every possible social media share button that you can find on your site, big, bold, visible and handy. Don’t forget to enable the share buttons on your newsletters as well!

5. Request Them To Share

Don’t come across as desperate when you do this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your readers to share. Most blog posts end with a request to share it, anyways. People are used to seeing that and only a few people respond. Find some innovative ways to phrase your request – you could perhaps indicate how many times the post has been shared already and so on.

6. Spread Your Content Around

So maybe not all your audience members have the time to visit your blog to read your content. Post your content on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn go get more eyeballs. This not only gets your post read by more people, it makes it easier for people to share your post instantaneously with their networks.

7. Use Your Post Titles To Motivate Them To Share

Honestly, if you came across a post title that says, “20 ways your husband is better than your dog”, wouldn’t you want to share it? It’s just that the title is so funny – the title promises a whole lot of fun within the article, so you end up sharing it without even reading it! We’re not saying you’ve got to write about a dog, but you get the general bark – huh, idea.

8. Make Your Content Easy To Read And Absorb

People like to share content that they liked reading – content that is to the point, well-written, easy to read and remember. Avoid long paragraphs and sentences, big words and so on. Be concise in what you’re trying to convey. Your aim should be to deliver your message in a format that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for anyone to read.

9. Throw Some Humor In!

No matter how serious your topic is, if you write in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner, your content will be appreciated all the more. Make your reader smile and chuckle in between with your one-liners and smart asides. You don’t to come across all smart-alecky, but do infuse a little humor, and your posts will be shared.

10. Use Some Vivid Imagery!

People love colorful, evocative images. Throw some lovely pictures into your posts. This is easier to do if you’re writing on travel, fashion and topics that work well with images. Even if you’re blogging on technology, a few well-placed images will get your posts shared.

11. Gain More Mileage With Your Content Space

Upload a number of posts on a single page on your blog. Use the ‘Read More’ link after the title and a couple of paragraphs in a post, before the next post starts. Providing multiple posts on a single page increases the page’s value. It also ensures that your readers will click the Read More link to read your post and then check out the others. When more value is provided on a single page, readers will tend to share.

11 Steps To Encourage Readers To Share Your Content

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