3 Essential Tips To Keep Your Reader Base For Your Blog

Keep Your Reader Base For Your Blog

Keeping Your Readers

There are two primary challenges to being successful on the web.

  •  The first is to attract visitors.

  •  And the second is to keep them.




Keep Your Reader Base For Your Blog

Find Your Voice

One of the most obvious is to write well, but this involves several things. If you are naturally interested in what you are writing about, this will show in your writing: it will be more evocative, more energetic, and naturally more accurate. If you are just writing something for work, it can still be easy to write in an interesting fashion. On top of this, making sure there are no glaring and embarrassing mistakes is a plus: check the grammar and punctuation before publishing your article.

Less Spam, More Meat

Those reading about SEO may walk away with the impression that spamming keywords is the quickest ticket to online fame and fortune. This is a bad idea, not only from an SEO standpoint (Google will drop your website from its front page like a bad habit if you do this), but visitors coming in and seeing this will not stick around.

This can also have repercussions beyond people merely abandoning your website en masse. Customers can completely lose confidence in a brand if the company’s website has poorly written content. Other factors, such as poor website design and display errors in other browsers, can also lead to customers abandoning your product for a competitor’s.

Variety is the Spice of Blogs

In the case of content driven websites, having a good variety of content is key to long term success. A website driven primarily by foreign affairs news, for instance, could benefit greatly from featuring content detailing the political and socio-economic history of the countries of a certain region and how this history, as well as outside influence, is contributing to the current events that are in the news.

A website which primarily features news about musical artists can branch out their content as well. Not only could they produce an editorial about the history and possible future of certain genres, they could also do feature pieces on music produced by foreign artists. Interviews, reviews, and more could fill in the corners, keeping readers interested in what is coming next.

The fact of the matter is that every content driven website can and should host a variety of content about their topic, whether it is either of the two above mentioned examples, business oriented content, news about video games, or anything else. There is always room to expand and write from new angles: it is up to the writer and website owner to make it happen, and doing so can be well worth the effort.

Getting readers to your website is only the first half of the battle. Having readers stay there, enjoy content both current and older, and be interested in what the future of your website holds, is the other side of that coin, and one that requires just as much, if not more, effort than the SEO tasks that get your name out there.

This helps to Keep Your Reader Base For Your Blog

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