3 Marketing Tactics That are Cost-Effective and Work

3 Marketing Tactics That are Cost Effective and Work-

Marketing can be a major expense, and when you’re just starting your business, you can’t afford to be spending that kind of money unless you know it’s going to work. Fortunately, there are also plenty of cost-effective marketing tactics that do very well. You don’t have to go broke trying to promote your business. Just try one of these three techniques.

3 Marketing Tactics That are Cost-Effective and Work

1. Network
This doesn’t have to cost a thing, and it can be extremely effect. It can be as simple as opening up social media accounts for your business and updating them regularly, interacting with your clients. You can also be a part of events pertaining to your business – for example, you could attend a class on how to use Viive.com mac software for dentists and meet other dentists in your area.
By building up connections with potential clients and peers in your area, you are building your own reputation. When they need your services, they will remember you. Remember, every person you meet is a new potential customer.
2. Giveaways
The nice thing about a giveaway is that you don’t have to spend money multiple times for it, just once. Buy one nice prize and that’s your total cost. In some cases, you may even be able to get a donation from another business in exchange for advertising. Either way, it’s extremely cost-effective.
What do you ask of customers in exchange for a chance to win? You can go two routes with this. You can ask them to actually use your product – pre-order the new book and they can be entered to win a copy of a similar, more well-known book. Alternatively, you can ask them to promote you by retweeting you or sharing you on Facebook. Either can be very effective, so think carefully about what you want to achieve before starting the giveaway.
3. Websites
Social networking is only part of the importance of marketing yourself. Make sure you have a good, quality website that offers basic information about your services as well as extra information the customer may appreciate. If you need to know how to market a dental office online, for example, you could include not only your location, hours, and the dentists working there, but also information about how to avoid tooth decay and the proper way to brush your teeth. This helps portray you as someone who knows what they’re talking about in their particular field and builds up the customer’s faith in you.
These techniques really work, and since they cost so little, there’s no reason to avoid them. Start on them today and see your business begin to grow!

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