4 Things I want to ask a blogger About Blogging

Blog About What you are Passionate

Blog About What you are Passionate.

Lets Ask a Blogger About Blogging

To be honest, I was little angered about blogging, I don’t know what i’m blogging for? I like to blog about blogging, and I did. Now majority blogs are Related to Technology, Blogging, SEO and all related to Digital. Now i started to wonder,  Why i am blogging? Who and what is important to me? Is this quality? who i am afraid of?

 First I should Thank all My Friends in Top Blogging who shared their experience for my questions and gave their wise answers.

Now 6-figure bloggers are here to answer my questions.


Are we really Blogging about what we are passionate about?

Here we go! Lets Skip the part “I’m Passionate about Tech, And therefore I blog”

If we are interested in a specific topic, do you blog on those topics to express your passion to be a successful blogger or blog something people are interested in, to get people attention? We have seen too many Tech blogs popping out nowadays. Yes, too many bloggers are depending on technology, gadgets, and business related blog topics to gain a “Pro-blogger” social status. Are we giving up our passion and chasing the current trend that could get our blog a source of attention?

Indeed, there is a difference between a personal blog and a commercial blog. My question is, can commercial bloggers show their own passion and desire about a certain topic in their commercial blog? With no offence, some of the newbie bloggers are trying to blog about what they are not interested in, rather they are focusing only on Current trends. They are forced to blog on what they are not up to. And most importantly, they even try to imitate “six-figure” bloggers with a hope to reach those heights with their “market-oriented” blogs.


Avi Jit From Sky Hit Blog

“Very few bloggers are writing about the things they are passionate about. Most are trying to find the highly searched keywords and writing about them to get traffic. I respect both of them if they are really passionate about their work. If they are writing to help some people then they are doing great. But, blogging just for money is not much appreciated. We should always try to develop our blog first. At first we should try to gather a readers base and make our blog popular. Only then we can call ourselves a blogger. And when we will have a great blog we will surely be able to make money. Getting passionate about our work and having the interest matters as only then we can do better progress in our line. I wish every blogger works with their interest and get success in their field.

kulwant From BloggingCage

In 80% of the cases newbies are not blogging around their passion. They are just trying to emulate pro bloggers by copying their style to become another pro blogger quickly. They have one thinking that by writing blogging tips and starting a tech blog soon they will become a big blogger.

Is our blog targeting Advertisers more than our readers?

Web loggers! Are we blogging for advertisers to come up with better offers? I agree it’s a part of revenue but our first priority should go to the readers. But we are forced to target advertisers more than readers because of overwhelming competition.

Not only that, it also changed that bloggers could see them as self motivated once they attract too many advertiser. This is the part where we are losing our valuable readers. Do you think activities like this will be liked by our readers?

robin From Dailytut

Ads are beautiful and it makes the blog looks even more beautiful, if we know how many ads we deploy. Filling the pages with tons of ads may help the blogger to earn more but it gets poor user experience. So analyzing the page heat and placing ads precisely will be excellent.
passion in blogging kicks the fear away and makes it fun all the time.


chitra From Esmee Network

To a certain extent, yes, blogs are targeting advertisers more than readers. But, this is true for those that are made for earning through advertisements only. You can make them out easily. There is no branding, just random posts and they often have high PR and DA. Ideally, the focus should be on building readership. Take a look at blogs like BasicBlogTips and Aha! Now. Their, the owners do it for the love of blogging and income is secondary. Target advertisers but do not compromise on readership.


How could we write a Sponsored reviews, If we blog for something Quality and reliable blog?

If we were requested by an advertiser to review their product/service, can we able to write a review with our own free will? No, therefore we are getting paid. For the revenue, we are again forced to write a 100% positive review to please the advertiser to ping us back. This is where we are losing the blog reliability and quality control. In my Blog Elite Fox, I have posted many paid review. We web loggers are our duty to lead the people to the rightful path?

pradeep From Slashsquare

A review whether it is sponsored or not, should be in a form of explaining the pro and cons. Obviously when a company is paying you to write about their product, then you will be in a position to restrict yourself from writing negative reviews, but at the same time make sure you are not forcing your readers to buy or explaining about a product in a way your life depends on it. Tell your readers how you are benefited from this. Tell your readers how they’ll be benefited from this. Keep these two on your mind whenever you write a review.

Last but not least, Here is the tough part

You fear Google more than your readers?

Since 280 million people use Google out of 400 million internet users, to attract more visitors most web loggers preferred Google Search Engine. Google filters all the scam and low quality sites to provide better result for the people. Often we were written content with the fear of Google in mind. How can we write only for our readers without fearing Google?

robin From Dailytut

“well this is one ultimate question pradeep

Of course, bloggers who do blogging for money fear about google than readership. no doubt about that. But bloggers who have good readers in the form of subscribers and other social media fan pages, not worried about Google. And such blogs are already getting good featured by Google itself. on the other side, google is more money focused these days and claiming it as quality measures.

Ileana From Ms.Ileane Smith

Hi there! You put a fantastic group of bloggers together to share their feedback on this post. Thanks for making us think.

One thing I really want to mention – in the last question you said “fear Google more than your readers”.
Blogging should never be about “fear” it should always be FUN. If it stops being fun there is no point.

Thanks again.



A Salute and Thanks to

Mr.S Pradeep From SlashSquare.
Mr.C Robin Son From DailyTut
Mr.Avi Jit From Sky Hit Blog
Mr.Kulwant Nagi From Bloggingcage
Ms.Ileane Smith From Ms. Ileane Speaks
Ms. Chitraparna Sinha From EsmeeNetwork
If you can provide answers feel free to comment here, we will evenly add your suggestion. Thank you :)

Author: I.G.Pradeep

Responsive Web Designer, SEO and Software Developer at Bangalore. Passionate Blogger and Entrepreneur. Passionate @ Science, Technology, Comics and more. i.g.pradeep@elitefox.org +91 - 889 - 247 - 0758

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  1. Hi there! You put a fantastic group of bloggers together to share their feedback on this post. Thanks for making us think.

    One thing I really want to mention – in the last question you said “fear Google more than your readers”.
    Blogging should never be about “fear” it should always be FUN. If it stops being fun there is no point.

    Thanks again.

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    • Thanks Ileane Smith, Your feed backs adds more value to this post.

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      • Thanks Pradeep for featuring me over here and adding my views. I’ve said it all in my words. It’s true, very few are writing about what they are passionate. Others are just trying to find the best keywords and writing sam articles again and again.

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  2. Interesting write there!

    I think the most common question is “How to make money” or “how to have more traffic” lol.

    Great list there and you really put a group of bloggers into the picture with your ‘case study’. Good job mate!

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    • Thanks Reginald, It took me nearly 2 months to write this post. Waited long for their feedbacks :)

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  3. I think bloggers should take their eyes off of $ signs for a sec and just write from the heart.
    Now, I’m not a blogger even though I have a blog.
    I write about my experience in the trading world.
    The content is more like information that one should take or leave.


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    • Thanks Akos Fintor,
      Indeed, I agree with your point.
      You have a blog, you ‘re blogging.. and you ‘re a Blogger :)

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  4. Hello Pradeep,
    First of all, i really appreciate the topic which you have considered for this blog. This is gonna be eye opener for many blogger like me and many others. The question which you have considered is very relevant for new bloggers, because they are always in such situation where they get confused about the topics, making money, sharing information, Ads, etc. I agree with all your question, the answers from all the biggies really appreciable.

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  5. First of all, let me congratulate Robin, Avi , Chitraparna and Pradeep. All of these people are my closest Facebook Friends. Their articles are really well written and even your post is also well written. Hope I get featured like this someday too! :P #BGoff!

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  6. Well, the post is awesome ;)
    Frankly speaking most of the Bloggers just write posts for Google and not for the readers, they do Keyword Research and write posts accordingly.

    Yes, 8/10 of newbie Bloggers are feared of Google, When I started Blogging, I wasn’t knowing about traffic from Search Engines, I just wrote what I liked sharing.
    But when I came to know about the Traffic from Search Engines, even I started keyword researching and did that but my view changed one day when I was searching for something, I found the some links related to the search stuff on the first page but when I clicked on the links I just found nothing but the same posts just re-written.

    Conclusion :

    ◆ To survive in long run, a Blogger should focus more on Readers than Search Engines

    ◆ Satisfy the people with Good content, You’ll be at the top ;)

    ◆ Post what you like, not what makes you rank in the Search engines.

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