5 Apps you should have on Windows 8:

According to some source, Microsoft will release its latest OS Windows 8 within the end of October. Microsoft is hoping for the success of this OS and the reason for so much hope is the killer apps. Like Apple and Mac store, Windows 8 will also have its own marketplace from where people can buy or download apps. Though the OS has not yet been introduced in the market, but there are many companies that have already made apps for Windows 8. Here we are going to discuss on 5 apps you should have on Windows 8. Those apps are as follows.

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture is the blog of Boston.com. Eye catching photos are taken and placed in the blog in large scale and they are very easy to consume. This can now be available as Windows 8 app. You can view the photos in the Big Picture and also download pictures which you like.


CookBook is an app from where you can learn recipes of different kinds of foods. The recipes are categorized in different forms like bread, appetizers, breakfast, main dish, desserts, salads, soups and side dish etc. After clicking on any recipe, you will get a picture, ingredients and also directions. You can save your favorites and also you can save the recipes which you want to try soon.


You can look at the real time traffic conditions around the world. This app is best for Tablet users but it can be used in desktops also. Suppose you want to go to a certain place and before leaving for that place, you can see the traffic condition of the place using Inrix. This app is a very useful one.

Music Maker Jam:

This app is among the best 5 apps you should have on Windows 8. You can create an instrumental song within some minutes with the help of this app. You can select the music category. You can turn on or off the drum beats, bass and include other sound effects. All over, it is a nice app for even inexperienced music creators to create music.


Tweetro is actually a Tweeter client which embraces the modern and clean interface of Windows 8. You can view your personal stream, shared photos, timeline, and also customized feeds side by side.

The apps which have been described here are the best 5 apps you should have on Windows 8. Do use these apps when you will start using Windows 8 OS.

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