5 Essential Parts of SEO for 2013

5 Essential Parts of SEO for 2013

5 Essential Parts of SEO for 2013

All digital industries are changing and developing as we move towards 2013, but the business of SEO has undertaken such developments that you’d be forgiven for assuming that it is now a totally different concept that has just been born. After all, it’s hardly just SEO anymore – it’s a whole world of digital marketing.In the past you’d fill a website with useful keyword led meta and content, so much so that the sentences weren’t actually what you’d refer to as a sentence, more of a “piece of SEO” if you like. This kind of strategy has become a thing of the past, and the new modern digital world which features super-thin computers, the laser printer and smartphones, now requires well optimised and relevant content that adds both meaning and value to the site.


5 Essential Parts of SEO for 2013

5 Essential Parts of SEO for 2013

So in the modern SEO world, what should you be looking out for? I could go on for a fair while, introducing you to all of the latest strategies, but the chances are the industry will have evolved further still and the factors will have become out of date. To keep it brief – before things change again – here are my five key factors that will affect your campaigns in 2013.


Content Marketing

In 2012, the biggest influence on search engine optimisation has undoubtedly been the introduction and evolution of content marketing. Previously, it was all about writing blog content to keep the site up to date, filled with relevant information and making it seem “fresh” – which all followed the Google freshness update. Now, it’s about producing high quality content that generates backlinks. The articles are written for high authority sites and the writer gets a backlink with the host site getting a high quality article – a win win for both. This is only going to get more important in campaigns throughout 2013, watch this space, it’s going to be a game changer that is always evolving.


Link Building

Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, link building has been forced to change. Unnatural link structures have been penalised by algorithm updates and sites have lost thousands of visitors and millions of pounds as a result. Building links is always going to be a key part of any SEO strategy, but the emphasis is now on quality, relevant links as opposed to simply high PR links. It’s now a skill, not a process.


Social Media

Social networking has taken the world by storm in recent years with millions of people around the world logging on to sites like Facebook and Twitter. As such, more information and articles than ever are being shared around the world and an article written on a small site in the UK could now be read by some of the biggest businesses and individuals around the world. As such businesses are investing thousands into social media campaigns each year to reach new audiences and markets.


Reputation Management

The Internet is full of information and data, a lot of which is untrue or damaging to businesses and individuals. For that reason those affected are employing SEO companies to effectively work in the opposite way to how they would normally, attempting to bump other sites down the rankings. This is done by creating successful SEO campaigns based around the sites ranking well for the positive related terms so that the negative results are no longer as visible or influential – this subsequently boost traffic and sales again for the affected site.


Penalty Recovery

Millions of websites have been punished by search engines for being over optimised for certain terms, effectively spamming their way up the rankings. For that very reason, it’s essential that they can recover to get their traffic and sales figures back up, helping them to make money again. SEO firms are now being tasked with establishing just why they’ve been penalised and helping to get them back on the right track.


As mentioned previously, the world of SEO is ever changing and never seems to stand still for more than a few days. What might have worked for you last month, may not this time around and you need to ensure that you are capable of adapting with it. It’s by far one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, and you need to stand up to the test – that’s what you’re paid to do!

Author: I.G.Pradeep

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  1. Could you tell me exactly what terms as an unnatural link structure as well as what exactly is a PR link.

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    • Looking at your copywriting site John I would hope you would already know! ;)

      An unnatural link structure is one that attempts to spam it’s way through the rankings by acquiring high PR backlinks on irrelevant sites. Since the recent Google updates, it’s become more important than ever that sites have a backlink structure that is relevant to their own niche as opposed to, for example, a finance blog acquiring a PR6 link from a site about the latest literature.

      The PR links you refer to are relating to PageRank, as any SEO should know

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