5 Excellent J2ME Applications For Your Non-Smartphone

Are you not using a intelligent phone, but still want entry to a few apps? It might be possible – if your cellphone can use J2ME, there happens to be extensive range of apps out there for your cellphone whether you recognize it or not. They are, however, nearly difficult to discover, so I’m going to record the best ones I know of.

I do not own a intelligent phone. I know, technological innovation blog writers are expected to be hip kitties, up up to now with the newest awesome technological innovation and terminology. Sorry, that is not me. I do not have a intelligent phone and do not really want one. I really like being off-line every now and then, really like only spending $20 monthly in cellphone expenses and can quickly create my foolish cellphone intelligent using ifttt when necessary.
But it’s not like I use a turning cellphone. For 30 money I got a cellphone that came with 30 money value of protection, an MP3 gamer, an FM stations (which I love) and the capability to run J2ME apps. Internet utilization simply requires up moments, which I have way more than enough of.
You can discover J2ME apps at GetJar, but it’s a headache to use. I’m the only other technological innovation blog writer on this planet to own a cellphone using such an ancient os, so I assume it’s my liability to indicate the best J2ME apps below.

I really like how my e-mail does not adhere to me everywhere I go; it’s among the advantages of not having a intelligent phone. If you still want periodic entry to your e-mail, however, you should examine out the Googlemail app for J2ME. It downloading your mailbox regionally, so you can reduce the variety of moments used, but there is nothing in your Googlemail consideration you cannot accessibility with this device.
It’s become difficult to discover on Google’s website; I’m sure Search engines is preparing on losing assistance soon. Still, you can dowload Googlemail for J2ME at Softonic.
Opera Mini
The internet browser that came with your cellphone probably is painful. Safari Small will not amazingly convert your J2ME cellphone into a intelligent phone, but it will create surfing around on the product very easy. Even if you strategy on only using the internet browser to examine the periodic ranking or inventory, I suggest you create this app the first one you obtain.
You can get Safari Small by starting m.opera.com on your cell phone’s standard internet browser, or you can obtain Safari Small 4 straight as a JAR or JAD.

If you discover your some time to energy is regularly vanishing, you should look into the Pomodoro effective time control program. Generally, work for 25 moments, then take a 5 instant crack. It’s easy, but it creates it a lot quicker to concentrate.
If you would like your J2ME cellphone to act as a Pomodoro clock, you are in fortune. Pablo Seminario has developed a easy clock for the foundation that looks great. I’ve been using it for a while now and I really like it.
Google Maps
Are you lost? It’s awesome having a map, which is why I’m grateful the world-famous Search engines Charts provides a edition of their greatest atlas for J2ME customers.
It’s developed to run with little information utilization, and operates very well for me without emptying my moments. Go to google.com/gmm on your cell phone’s internet browser to obtain it. Sorry, Search engines does not provide a immediate obtain for your PC.
Tetris Midlet
It’s been a truism since the GameBoy – no program that suits in your wallet is beneficial without Tetris. While I’m sure there are a lot of Tetris imitations out there for J2ME mobile phones, my preferred is The the air jordan Kiang’s Tetris Midlet. It’s very familar if you have unquestionably GameBoy edition, and operates well on fairly much every cellphone.

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