5 Must Know Reasons why pc crashes

5 Must Know Reasons why pc crashes

5 Must Know Reasons why pc crashes

Every computer user, while he she is a casual user or sophisticated user faces problem of pc crash, Reasons why pc crashes. There are lots of instances when we are doing an important work and our pc gets crashed suddenly. Almost 80% of computer users can’t able recognize the symptoms of pc crash. So today we are sharing 5 most common reasons why our pc get crashed.


#1 Hardware conflict

The first reason why our pc get crashed is hardware conflict. In Typical computing environment Communication between the hardware devices occurs with the help of interrupts. Each device have a unique IRQ number for printer it may be IRQ 1, for Hard disks it may be IRQ 2 and so on. If there are a lot of hardware devices connected with a computer then the situation arises when the same IRQ number is assigned to more than 2 hardware devices.

How To Troubleshoot this Problem:

To troubleshoot this problem don’t change the ports of hardware devices many times as well as occasionally confirms that each and every hardware driver is working properly.


#2 Bad Ram

If your pc contains a bad Ram (Random access memory) then the chances of getting crash would be on the peak. Bad Ram emerges a problem of Fatal Error also know as blue screen of death. In windows environment Blue Screen of Death indicates a serious hardware problem.

How To Troubleshoot this problem:

A blue screen of death caused by Ram might be caused by a mismatch of chips which are having different speed. i.e, mixing 90-nanosecond Ram with 80ns Ram will usually force the computer to run the entire Ram at 80ns speed. And this will lead to crash of machine. So we may have to take care of Ram before implementing it with our motherboard.


#3 BIOS settings

Every motherboard supplies some sort of options which is known as bios setting. A typical way to access these options is by pressing F2 key at the boot time.

Sometimes users enter incorrect values in BIOS settings that will lead a system to an instable state.

How To Troubleshoot this problem:

To troubleshoot bios settings problem, A user have to write down the previous settings when he/she makes a change in them. So, If a system will enter in a instable state he/she can get back on previous working state by entering the previous settings that they wrote on a paper.
#4 Hard disk drives

After some time probably a week or two, The information which is stored on a hard disk get piecemeal or fragmented. The fragmented information causes a problem of screen freeze.

How To Troubleshoot Hard disk drives problem:

To Troubleshoot hard-disk drives problem Go to Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter
This will defragment the Hard disk and will avoid the problem of Screen freeze.
#5 Viruses

This is the most common problem of system crashes, Virus makes a system instable, even some of the virus (Boot sector virus) deletes the boot sectors from the hard disk, so a system can’t boot next time.

How To Troubleshoot viruses problem:

The first step in troubleshooting viruses problem is install a good antivirus software. Antivirus softwares usually prevents virus from executing malicious tasks on a system.

Sometimes a virus comes in a fully undetectable form also known as FUD, And it can’t be traced by an antivirus software. So in those cases we should have to make a windows start up disk.


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