5 Twitter tips to go your blog post viral

5 Twitter tips to go your blog post viral

5 Twitter tips to go your blog post viral

Twitter is great way to connect with people from all over the globe, 5 Twitter tips to go your blog post viral. This micro blogging website has converted this world into a global village in the real sense. If you are a webmaster, then you must be familiar with the power of Twitter to get traffic for your blog. Twitter can do a magic for you and can send you immense traffic.


There are many people, who are running their blogs just by support of traffic that they get from Twitter. This fraction is very low, however the fraction of people, who did not find any success with Twitter, is pretty high.


As a blog owner, making your blog post viral on this top most social networking site, might be your target. But how to achieve this target? How one can make his/her blog post viral. Check out these Twitter tips to stand out of the crowd and to make your blog post go viral on it.


Connect with Right People

Just suppose that you are running a web designing niche blog and all the people, to whom you are connected on Twitter, are not interesting in web designing, then it’s quite obvious that no one like to read your post. There is not any benefit of increasing the count of followers, rather than, try to increase the count of targeted followers.


Title of the Post Matters the Most

5 Twitter tips to go your blog post viral

Connecting with right people does not ensure that your blog post will go viral on Twitter. The title of post matters the most. Your post title must have some attraction in it, so everyone shows interest in reading it. You should prefer to write controversial posts as it surprise others and to put an end to their curiosity, they read out your complete blog post. Also, writing hot news, top list kinda and Twitter related articles can help in your blog post to go viral.


Be Genuine User

Nobody would like to get his/her Twitter get hit up with your links. This is the worst mistake that people do while promoting their blog posts. Most of people think that by sharing your post on Twitter again and again, can make it viral on the same, but the results are always negative. You should use the Twitter in genuine way so that people don’t start unfollowing you, by thinking that your account is managed by machine, whose sole work is to share links.


Use Link Shortener

While sharing your blog post on Twitter, make sure to shorten the URL using any URL shortening service. This is must to do step to get attention of users on Twitter and thus to make your post go viral on it.

Use tweet to get it


Tweet to get it is a powerful twitter tool, you can use it on any downloads for readers on your site. When you embed tweet and get it, readers are redirected to download link, when they tweet about the post.


Share Posts at Right Time

Don’t be selfish and share the post, when you get time to do so. It may be possible that others are not free at that time. You can use any third party tool to analyze your account properly and from there you can conclude the right time to share your posts. This plays a huge role in making your blog post to go viral on Twitter.


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