5 Ways to Increase Battery Life of Your Smart Phone

Now a day mobile phone is more than just a necessity, it is more of a lifeline to the users. People are not only using their phones for calling or messaging someone but they are using it as a entertainment package as well. They are now using their smart phones to listen music, to surf internet, to play videos, to click photos and much more. In between all this they always worried about the battery life of their smart phones which ditch them often. Are you one of them who want to make the most out of your smart phone but your worried about your smart phone’s battery life then here are few simple yet effective ways to increase the battery life of your smart phone.

Lower Down The Brightness:

This is one of the obvious reasons that can help you to increase battery life of your smart phone. Smart phones normally have higher brightness at default which you should lower down. The higher brightness of your device can drain the battery of your device especially while browsing or playing video. The best thing you can do is to lower down your screen brightness by changing your device setting.

Turn off Useless Connectivity Option:

Many a times when you’re out of range of a wireless not spot, but your device is constantly looking for one to connect to that may drain your battery. To reduce the effect of this on your battery you should switch off your device’s Wi-Fi off. Similarly Bluetooth and GPS connectivity can lower down your battery lifetime, hence you should keep them in off mode when not in use.


Use Power Saver App:

Using a power saver app to increase battery life of your smart phone may sound useless t you but I would suggest you to use power saver app for your smart phone. This app will let you use few different modes, depending on how badly you need to save your device’s battery. It will automatically handle the things. This app will increase your device’s performance.

Turn Off Sync:

Most of the smart phones have the auto synchronizing option on by default. This help you have new information automatically on your device. The information may be related to your latest emails, news or Facebook notifications. This let your smart phones in constant working mode which will drain your device’s battery.

 So, you should turn off the automatic sync and then just sync manually when you want to.

Kill Unneeded Apps:

You should kill all background apps which you don’t need. While being on your home screen you should keep your apps closed. Many a times you forget to close the app properly which also may be the reason to lower down the battery life of your device. You should close the unneeded app appropriately so that you can increase your device’s battery life.

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