5 Worst Mistakes of Bloggers – Things to Avoid

Worst Mistakes of Bloggers – Things to Avoid

Worst Mistakes of Bloggers-Things to Avoid

Worst Mistakes of Bloggers-Things to Avoid

Blogging is fun and enjoyable. Many people are literally earning six-figure income through blogging making it a promising gig. Considering such high figure of income, many are enticed and dive into blogging. Unfortunately, most turn unsuccessful. The reason is not because of their ignorant to blog but because of their ignorance to present and market.

In this post, I shall discuss some of the worst mistakes that bloggers commit.


Not trying to sell:

The first commandment of marketing is to have a product and sell. If you do not own a product then become an affiliate. Either way you will earn money. New bloggers are told that selling annoys readers. Although the above statement is true, you still need to sell. Selling is the most effective way of making money. Trust me if you are not trying to sell you are losing a great deal on the table.

Focusing only on AdSense:

Okay, AdSense is great way of monetization but not that great. As a blogger, you will work for hours coming with ideas for post and staying abreast with the industry. Practically you will be spending great deal of time and in some cases money. The income generated through AdSense is meager. People are smarter and either avoid ads or use ad blockers. Therefore, relying completing on AdSense is not advisable. Give a mixture of monetization techniques using CPA ads. Soon you will notice increase in income rapidly.

Focusing too much on engagement:

Okay this part can be debated. Marketers speak a lot about engagement and somehow bloggers have taken the idea seriously. Engagement is only great when you have a great product. Trying to get more comments just because you need to show off the numbers on Facebook is dumb idea. Do not focus too much on gaining more comments for your posts. Focus more on providing informative and enticing content and comments will come on its own.

Avoiding list building:

This is a serious mistake. List building is the core of marketing. Even if your site has been deindexed or penalized by Google list will always bring in traffic. I know the prices are higher for maintaining lists. However, you can always start with Mail Chimp as they provide building of list up to 2000 subscribers free of cost. This offer will keep you going and later when you have tasted success; you can migrate to other network or upgrade the same.

Customized themes:

New bloggers after installing WordPress start blogging with free themes. These themes need to be customized to provide uniqueness. The other way is to hire WordPress developers who will design unique themes according to your design and need. The theme you use is the sole of blogging. Many great blogs have unique themes of their own and often help in branding.

To conclude, blogging is fun but you still need to market and make money. Or else the whole idea of investing time and money will prove futile. Avoiding all the mistakes above is a sure fire way to boost your career as a blogger.

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