6 Essential Things Need To Compete With 6 Finger Bloggers


Are you ready to compete with 6 finger bloggers? Are you confused  ”What’s That 6 Finger Blogger Comes From”? Ha Ha Ha.. 6 finger blogger is nothing but an extraordinary Bloggers who have already scored big scope on blogosphere. Now we are going to compete with 6 finger blogger.  For Compete with 6 finger blogger you need 6 essential things needs for blogging.


Compete With 6 Finger Bloggers

Better Blog Design To Attract Audience

Blog Design

It is important to attract visitors via Attractive Blog design or Professional design, it must be easy to navigate and make your readers feel WOW! People are drawn to blogs that are easy to read.  When it comes to Compete With 6 Finger Bloggers, Blog design decides your priority given to the blog.

  • Overdoing with colors mess up your blog
  • Too Many Advertising Links Annoys your blog visitor
  • Make simple and easy navigation



Do Not Choose Your Niche Based Upon The Competition?

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Choose your niche based upon your passionate, When facing 6 finger blogger its not necessary to choose your niche based upon the competitors. Working with your passion bring your blog best result. If you are passionate based upon same as competitors, It wouldn’t be a problem.



Writing Style Keeps Your Blog Apart From Its Competition

Writing Style

Writing style is one of the key aspects to blog creation. It keeps your blog apart from the crowd. You can find a lot of “How To”, Listed Points and more types of content. Try different ways of writing style to attract audience. You can also write content like others bloggers, It doesn’t spoil your blog. When it comes to competition with 6 finger blogger you need a unique writing style to success in blogging.



Monetization: Need To Follow Same Strategy As Your Competition?

Following Same Strategy

Not Necessary, It depends on your successive rate. And it is also important to look at your competition about what they are up to in monetization. you can learn a lot by their monetization of what went wrong and when went threw it. You can come up with more ideas. And it is not always a good idea to follow their monetization strategy.

If your competition providing free eBooks and giveaway, you may need to provide newsletters, Advertising and giveaway a bit harder. This strategy always works and leads your blog to successive rate.


Collaborate With Your Competition

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

It is important to collaborate with your competition. Don’t be nervous to Tweet, Share or Referencing one of their valuable articles found on the internet or their blog. Many Bloggers failed to collaborate with their competition. This leads your blog not to acknowledge by your competition’s audiences. Your blog regular readers will not see your competitor’s article at the first time. Many blog covering similar Keywords or a topics can easily drive audience. While collaborating with your competition can also bring you the idea of online marketing, covering new topics and more.  It’s good to work with your competition.


Analyze Latest Trend And Regular Update

Analyze And Update

Analyzing latest trend bring more idea for blogging. Its helps you to update your blog regularly. For Example: We bloggers faced Terrible Impact called Google Penguin Update. To cover the topic, Focus and Analyze about how to survive from Google penguin, How Google penguin affects you niche blog and more. Keep your blog updates regularly and If blog doesn’t met a regular content updates, It disappoints your blog readers. You don’t need to update your blog daily, You can also update your blog weekly, But keep it regular. Keep Blogging.



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