Alternative Android apps for Social Networking

Alternative Android apps for Social Networking

Alternative Android apps for Social Networking

Now, we are everywhere, socially, on cloud! I mean, on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube (?), yes add to it the latest entryGoogle+. Why are we widespread all over? Almost same friends and same lifestyle still, come on we can’t use YouTube to share pictures, hence Instagram or Pinterest, and discussing about them is not the subject of this blog, so let’s cut to the chase, Alternative Apps.

Why do we need an alternative app when we have official apps being developed by every social networking firms? User Interface is one vital aspect that every developer stresses on, be it fixing the pixels or window popping up, showing notifications, etc. Before jumping into alternatives, you must ask yourself, Is it safe to use them? Is your data secure? Going behind this, you will come to point where you need to stick to a prominent player, we have them here, down.

Alternative Android apps for Social Networking


This Android app for twitter is growing hotter by day, within a little time it has received ratings close to 50k showing at 4.5/5. App size is 2.6MB and loads faster, responsive as well. Thing I liked about Twicca is the effective interface, which is sleek and will not hang you or disrupt in between. This twitter client supports multiple accounts and launches from the status bar. If you share too many links, then this helps, it has inbuilt URL shortening. Add to it, you can select tweets in your Timeline and forward them to your friends over SMS, share pictures and videos, Geo tagging with map preview, Profile managing, Zooming and many more features. If you don’t mind putting your time to try out experimental and efficient apps, go for this.


I truly like Twicca, but we like to have choices, don’t? If Yes or No, Plume stands a ‘not bad’ twitter client in Android. Better to have competitors, it makes developers focus more to be better than other, like we had SIRI and it doesn’t end there, there are many personal assisting apps out there. Plume is not just another tool on the Play, it’s interesting and intuitive. Four dots, on the top right is the page switching key, as you swipe on from one dot to other, mentions, conversations, lists, messages are shown, such a quickie! Plume got lot of references and options, even for changing font color. Yes, Multiple Accounts are supported and live streaming too! It autocompletes the usernames and hashtags, type ease. URL shortening with the help of and has many photo sharing clients roped in for sharing pictures. Last line: Plume is classic and will not disappoint you.


This one for Facebook, and do we need to consider this? Yes, certainly when we are having slow loading native Facebook app. Have experienced the disruption and Unresponsive User Interface of that native app, if you too have faced the same, then relax. We have new third party app here, Atrium. As soon as you install it, you will notice how clutter free interface looks like. Important thing for third party apps is to show up better and different than native app, in the meanwhile make no mistake in treating users feel friendly. Atrium does this, you don’t have to dig much to find features of Facebook, News, Friends, Chat and optimized top left which shows up various options including status update and settings and it’s all up there. All it does is ‘one click to access” method, makes it look simpler.

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