Alternatives for PowerPoint for Androids

Presentations possess an extreme importance when it comes to business solutions and meetings. The plans and objectives of a company are always discussed in a presentation mode. When it comes to explaining the business strategy to the employees, presentation comes into the best use. A meeting without a presentation is like a food that is uncooked. Thus, it’s very important to possess presentation maker in your system. With the growing technology, the androids serve for the presentation apps that can easily take place of commonly used Microsoft Power point.

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Here is a list of the alternatives that an android phone has, in place of Microsoft Office:

  • Power point Open Office remote

Number one on our list is this free presentation app that includes a remote. It synchronizes well with PowerPoint and not to forget, Open Office as well.

Right from the point of successful installation, it lets the user to use the phone as a remote to monitor the presentations. This app works amazingly well with almost all the processors available in the market. The notable feature of this app is that it gives a chance to the user to preview the presentation that is ready despite of the inclusion of audio and video files in the presentation. This app enables the user to use the phone as a remote control to manage the presentation on screen.

  • Presenter

This free remote control application synchronizes well enough with Windows, Mac and Linux alike. The feature that was not present in the previous application we discussed has been embedded in this android app. It has been termed the easiest android presentation app to operate for the user.

Presenter 2

This app has a provision for a bar code which helps the device to be connected to the system in a hassle free manner. This app also features volume keys that help the user to control the noise of the presentation easily.

  • Remote for Power Point

This application is critically the most acclaimed and the most popular android presentation app available in the market in this date. The only possible drawback of this app is that it works only with windows but it has a provision for an ample of features that cover this drawback and the user does not even realize the problem.


Right from the installation to the execution of the presentation, it’s very easy to use this incredible app. It also enables the user to slide through pages and make it a very professional presentation. This is undoubtedly the best available app that is inclined to Windows.

  • Quick Office Pro

This app makes sure the editing and creation of the MS Office documents while on a move. The only presentation that supports the creation of charts within the presentation is this app.

quick office pro

Bullet lists are also a prominent feature of this app. In a lot of portals, users have given this application a rating of 4.5 out of 5, which speaks for the service offered by this incredible app. This also provides for Bluetooth and the presentations can be easily shared through mails or the social media in a simple way. This also paves way to the sharing of presentations with the counterparts making the presentation more understandable and more effective.

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