Apple should supersize new ranges for future


With the success of iPhone 5 after moving out from the obliged supply lists, the rumors have said it: the iPhone 5 iteration, the iPhone 5S will be filled with new ‘tall’ updates. Take it the literal way as the Apple puts stress on the height again. Keeping that aside, the forum launched alleged pictures of the iPhone 5S that depicts notable changes from the iPhone 5.

If Apple continues to follow its own created legacy of “S” upgrades, likewise 4S, 5S will be launched somewhat in spring, packed with improved innards. Apple CEO Tim Cook and his lieutenants will tout faster processors and other clever engineering feats in sharing the “amazing” 5S with the world.


As quoted by the design chief, Jony Ive on the iPhone 5, “Never before have we built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish.” He further explained, “By making the screen taller, not wider, you can see more of the content and comfortably use it with one hand.”

On my personal use, I believe iPhone 5’s finish and fit is simply superb and the overall experience is way better than what people thought it would be. The only left-out I see is the skinny 4-inch display that forces me to see more screen real estate. The Android-based rivals, HTC 8X and Samsung Galaxy S3 have larger screens than iPhone 5 and perhaps this is one reason why iPhone 5 lingered behind them in the beginning. Because of the 0.33 stretching, the smartphone offers another row for your icons. For those who are comfortable in using their smartphone from one-hand, I recommend this phone isn’t particularly for them. You can argue about the quality of the screens, but for mere mortals, they are all more than capable of competently rendering text, images, and video.

To make things easier, following is the comparison of iPhone 5 with its current rivals:

IPhone 5: 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches

Samsung Galaxy S3: 5.38 x 2.78 x 0.34 inches

HTC One X: 5.29 x 2.75 x 0.35 inches

Screen Size:
IPhone 5: 4 inches

Samsung Galaxy S3: 4.8 inches

HTC One X: 4.7 inches

IPhone 5: 640 x 1136 pixels

Samsung Galaxy S3: 720 x 1280 pixels

HTC One X: 720 x 1280 pixels

Pixel Density:
IPhone 5: 326 ppi

Samsung Galaxy S3: 306 ppi

HTC One X: 312 ppi

Apple decided that customers wanted an iPad in the 7- to 8-inch range, and didn’t worry too much about cannibalizing the larger iPads. Of course, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindles provided inspiration for Apple to pull the trigger on the Mini.

So far, so good; the iPhone 5 sales rose higher after their release. The Canaccord Genuity Bank expects fourth-quarter sales to hit 47.5 million, up from 27 million last quarter. However, let’s not forget how Samsung is coming up with the incentives through S3.

The only question I have now is that will Apple really wait to bring in the larger screen iPhones?

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