5 ways to get benefits from blog Comments

Blog-CommentingBlogging is the most fast-growing hobby and earning method all over the web. There are many success stories and also unsuccessful stories in blogging, even then blogging is still continued and most of the people are entrepreneurs at the age of 18 and earning $$$$ income.

Blogging is not just writing and sharing your views with the world, it also involves many methods and strategies to achieve the success. Only the perfect planner and analyzer will know the benefits of every factor in blogging. So today we are going to discuss about the benefits from blog comments. Some of them while I suppose are –

  • Ranking your Pages
  • Viral Response
  • Commenting On commentluv enabled blogs
  • Genuine Commenting
  • Getting new ideas
  • and some other methods……

Ranking You Pages
Commenting on other blogs helps you to get both do follow and no follow backlinks, These backlinks are very important for a website to rank your pages in Google. They say that google is no more considering about the backlinks but still backlinks play an important role to get targeted audience and index your pages.

Viral Response
If you have a good audience to your blog and maintain a good blog commenting system then commenting can make your blog go viral and the response is just amazing. First timers will get shocked and will be real excited after seeing the results.

Commenting On commentluv enabled blogs
Commentluv is a plugin for wordpress which allows the commenter’s to get dofollow links along with the anchor text of your choice. Getting do follow links are very important for your blog. So make a list of comment luv enabled blogs in your niche and be the best commenter to get the best benefits of commenting.

Genuine Commenting
I have seen many people commenting with simple words like just saying “thank you for the article” “the best article” “great post” “amazing post” and such stuff like that. If you are under this category then please change yourself. Try to comment with your genuine feedback and comment with at least 100 words. This will not only get you backlinks the author of the site owner will feel happy with your feedbacks and can giveaway some gifts to you or you might encourage him to write more wonderful posts so appreciation is a good sign to encourage others. This is called genuine commenting.

Getting new Ideas
Commenting on other sites daily leads to many discussions and in these discussions you will find many ideas and some solutions to many problems. These Ideas can lead you anywhere. This will also increase your online reputation and make the visitors to divert to your website. And many newbie bloggers would also get inspiration from you!

Like these there are much more benefits from blog commenting. I have achieved most of the success from social media and with these, my visibility increased which lead me to some great ideas and build relationships with the adorable ones.

Hope you all have enjoyed reading my article, for more interesting stuffs like these please subscribe to us.

Author: I.G.Pradeep

Responsive Web Designer, SEO and Software Developer at Bangalore. Passionate Blogger and Entrepreneur. Passionate @ Science, Technology, Comics and more. i.g.pradeep@elitefox.org +91 - 889 - 247 - 0758

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. I use this method on regular basis to improve my blog ranking.

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    • Good, Thanks Brad Scott…

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