Best 5 SEO Friendly WordPress plug-ins

Best 5 SEO Friendly WordPress plug-insHave you ever given a thought to this question that there are countless content over net, so how people would find your content? The key to this question is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best 5 SEO Friendly WordPress plug-ins. SEO is a technique that helps search engines find your content on internet and understand how appropriate it is to the specified query.You can create as much content on net as you want, but without a proper SEO, you will not have good visibility over internet and your content will be limited to very few readers.

WordPress Plug-in Community has developed several plug-insto help SEOs increase visibility of your content. Here is a list of 5 good SEO plug-ins that are popularly used and help you improve your Search Engine Optimization.


Best 5 SEO Friendly WordPress plug-ins

All in One SEO Pack

This is among the most used SEO plug-ins on WordPress. This plug-ins almost does everything for you from choosing best titles of the post and keywords, to avoiding redundant content and much more. This plug-in addresses all most important on-page ranking factor. Some of the important on-page ranking factors that this plug-in include aretitles, descriptions, keywords, Duplicate Contents, per page Tweaking, etc

Automatic SEO Links

This plug-in lets you to choose a phrase or word for external and internal linking, set anchor text, choose nofollow and a lot more. If you forget to add a manual link, you need to choose a URL and a word and this plug-in will replace all matching values in your blogpost.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plug-in generates sitemap for your WordPress blog that is compliant with XML-Sitemap. This format is supported by all big search engines like Google, MSN Search, YAHOO and They help you get indexed by major search engines. Some important features are: it generate sitemap automatically, you can customize parameters of your user interface, available in many languages, no need to have PHP skills


It is a powerful all-in-one plug-in, which is used to manage metadata and handle all types of SEO tasks. With the help of this plug-in, you can tag posts, add descriptions, increase page ranking, change theme, create custom titles and much more.HeadSpace2 offers several shortcuts to decrease your effort of configuring metadata.


Platinum SEO Plug-in

This is an ultimate SEO solution on WordPress. This includes all features of All-in-one SEO plug-in and much more. It not only automates SEO on WordPress but also offers ultimate on-site SEO solutions. This plug-in automatically imports settings defined with it, whichonly needs to be validated. This plug-in is also compatible with previous versions of WordPress.

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