Best 7 Online Tools For Content Writers

7 Online Tools For Content Writers


Everyone writes something or the other. It could be an email, a status update, a tweet or a blog, but there are words involved and writing to be done. The computer with its soft touch keyboard has made things simpler in comparison to the hard typewriter. And the tools on MS Office offer tons of options. But why stop there? Why not go online and find further help? Here are, in no particular order, 7 important tools every serious writer needs to know about and use Online Tools For Content Writers.


1. Blumind
This is an essential tool to help you gather your thoughts, giving them cogence and clarity. You can make points of what you want to convey, find out how effective your thought process is and map the progress of your work, using the tools on this sit, Worthy Online Tools For Content Writers.

2. 750words
This site claims to motivate you to write at least three paragraphs a day or 750 words. Such a boon for that nasty case of writer’s block! The site sends you reminders to write and you get awards when you do. If you need something to motivate you, look no further, Trusted Online Tools For Content Writers.

3. The Organized Writer™
Almost an oxymoron, this site will let you do very cool things- find quotes, dictionary meanings and words. Use search options to find all sorts of things including resources, references and statistics. You can learn something new every day so do make sure you check this site out, Don\’t miss this Online Tools For Content Writers.

A site that ensures you never forget any ideas or thoughts, you can use the various apps here to keep your writing organized. With Evernote, you can save your frequently visited, find inspiration filled webpages, get everyone in your life involved with the writing you’re doing when you share information or even organize your trips, down to the last scanned ticket. You may also find Skitchvery useful. Accessible on any handheld device, you can watch your images and pictures come to life with this one Online Tools For Content Writers.

5. wordcounter
If you love to use the same word all the time, like, you know, all the time, then you really, like have to take a look at this site. A nifty tool, it will bring to your notice the words you love to use all the time. Thus, you can make necessary changes and make your writing like, a whole lot better.

6. Focus Writer
A simple and clever tool, it is created with the idea that a writer needs a conducive and personalized writing environment. You can control text and screen color and font size. You have a progress bar and timers to give you further determination in your writing.

7. Research Tools
What’s a writer without research? Thanks to the net, you can find information in these cool places-Use Find Articles- ( to access the archives of print articles. Or Ref Desk( for book related help.

Other tools could include Grammarly, Orangoo Free Spell Check and SpellCheck Plus to keep your writing clean and easy to write. And make sure you have a PayPal account to set up accounts and send and receive money. Online Tools For Content Writers

Use these tools and see your writing reach even greater heights!


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