Best Practices and Popular Trends: IAC Award Winning Websites That Inspire

iacThere are currently well over 500 million websites active on the internet, and this number grows by an additional 50 million each year.  Designing a website that stands out from the crowd can be a challenge, but a select group of creative individuals have managed to do just that.  The Internet Advertising Competition Awards honour the most original and innovative websites that have captured the imagination of online users.  The competition showcases the websites that feature the most effective methods of online advertising within 96 different industries.  The winners of the 2013 awards are all examples of online advertising at its very best, and every webmaster can take inspiration from their eye-catching designs. is the website of the Lung Cancer Alliance, and is also the winner of the Best Advocacy Website Award.  The sites parallax scrolling plays out almost like a slideshow for the user, and the simplicity of the design is a perfect contrast to the site’s hard-hitting message.  The home page at first appears to offer only a few tabs for the user to click, but once you get past this there is a wealth of information perfectly organised within the site.  It also features a button that allows you to connect through social networking sites, and advice and counselling for those afflicted with lung cancer. appeals to the small child within us all by treating users to awe-inspiring images of faraway lands and magical castles perched atop picturesque mountains.  Winner of the Best Travel Website Award, the website features a series of easy to navigate interactive maps that display the itinerary of each adventure.  The website also has many information boxes which popup after a user clicks on a photo, and allows you to review the information before clicking through to another page.

The winner of the Best Automobile Website award features an interactive image that allows users to preview information on individual vehicles before leaving the homepage. has designed an extremely simple, easy to use website that combines rugged, outdoor photography with sleek images of its latest automobiles.  It also features a handy tool that allows users to compare the specifications of up to four different vehicles at once.  The website can be translated into Spanish with a single click, and users can custom-build their dream vehicle and obtain a quote online.

Job-hunting is generally considered a mundane experience, but has managed to bring some of the fun of their theme park to their recruitment website.  Proud winners of the Best Employment Website Award, Six Flags have provided a wealth of knowledge for potential employees in the form of short videos.  Each video features specific job descriptions and testimonials from current employees of each career category, and allows users to get a feel for what life as a Six Flags employee is like.  The website’s bright colours and rollercoaster sound effects add another dimension to the site, and users can browse available jobs and apply online.

In order to make your website stand out, you will have to employ some original design ideas similar to the aforementioned sites.  Each one has a clear, easy to navigate design which allows users to access information quickly without having to scroll through miles of text.  Each of the award winning websites also feature streamlined webpages which load quickly and easily, so the website can be accessed by those with slower internet connections.  An effective, eye-catching website can be the key to a business’s success, and with a little inspiration, you may even find your website amongst next year’s winners.

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