Best Social networking Sites To Drive Maximum Traffic and Revenue

Owning a blog is easy and it opens numerous avenues for successful business. If blogging meant channelizing your thoughts to your target audience, think again. Yes, definitely you can have access to a wider base of readers worldwide but how will that be effective if you cannot lead them to your blog? Promotion is one of the most crucial aspects related to blogging and through successful promotion you can earn as well. By signing up with Google Adsense or different affiliate programs you can actually make money while blogging. To know how social networking can benefit your blog, read on.

Even a novice can create a blog and you don’t have to be a professional to design your blog. Typepad, WordPress or Bloggers- choose your tool to create blog from numerous options like these. Now, apart from communicating with the world via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google +, do something more productive. Exposure through these sites can catapult your position in the industry and you get better coverage as well.

Here is a list of social networking sites where you can promote your blog:


Yes, quite obvious, this is the topmost player in the industry having several hundred million users worldwide, with whom you can link up. Facebook page, promotion and ads are some of the essential ways to drive a huge traffic from it. There are also tons of service which drives a huge fans following to your page and traffic consequently.


The photo curation site has become a well known source of traffic for many. It is one of the top growing social networking cum photo curation site in 2011 and 2012. Later, many people realized that it can drive a huge amount of traffic, if one can utilize it in a more profound way. Do not mistaken it as a yet another social networking site designed for Women only. Using pinterest to submit interesting images and inforgraphics can really be beneficial both in SEO and traffic generation.


For expanding business, this social network provides excellent opportunities. Blog promotion and business networking has been redefined with LinkedIn. LinkedIn not only helps to promote your brand but also helps in getting the essential leads to your business site. Not to forget, that you can get some of the industry’s best people here.


Wouldn’t it be great to try Google’s own service? In an anticipation to overtake Facebook as a best social networking site one day, Google has unveiled this network a year back. Since then Google+ has got the steady flow of users. Despite the fact that the active user rate is alarmingly low, Google+ is still a best bet to drive good traffic. Especially, with the features like Google+ hangout, top notch businesses are driving sales to their product. Why not try to catch their attention with such feature? Well, Google+ is somewhat underutilized, but expect it to become more powerful in coming years.


Twitter doesn’t need any introduction. The leader of the micro social networking website is known to bring tons of traffic to the website. You have to smartly leverage the trending topic and hashtag to drive more leads to your website. Businesses are using twitter to often support the customer and offer them valuable discounts there. If you’re in business then you can follow exactly the same strategy to drive more traffic. The same way a blogger can adopt similar technology to drive sales to their website.

Follow these steps to promote your blog in social networking sites:

  • Create your profile in the popular social networking sites.
  • On your profile, add the link of your blog post. This will expose your log to the readers/users. Make sure you are able to get plenty of followers who will be regular to your blog. You may as well make Group pages for better exposure.
  • Place plug-in in your blog posts, to enable readers to share your blog’s content. This way your content will be featured on their profiles.
  • Never forget to write a catchy description for your posts. It has been found that such interesting introductions make readers curious and they get lured to your content.
  • When you are promoting in social networks, control your urge to follow endless people. Better to target your visitors and refrain from people who have no interest in your blog.
  • Drop that selfish garb and re-post contents from others. This way you are truly interacting on the social plane and also opening up ways to spread your word too.

While you use these social networking sites for blog promotion, ensure that these accounts are in the similar niche. When readers will find meaningful content on your blog, they will automatically hark back to it in future. These tips prove to be quite useful for promoting your blog in the social networking sites for business and interaction.

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