Best Way to Make a Facebook Cover?

There is an old English saying to the effect that “if you want to get a job done right, you have
to do it yourself” however as I’m sure you’ll recognize that in today’s technological world
such an aspiration isn’t always possible – if you consider questions such as the following
you’ll quickly see my meaning, how would you build a TV? And, how would you paint an oil

Graphic designers in need of work would argue to the same effect and suggest that you
need to contract their services in order to get a nice looking Facebook Cover, particularly
one that’s unique to your needs and aspirations. However, a new collage Facebook Cover Maker

that goes by the name of Make a Cover disputes that claim.

Made with advanced HTML 5 layer technology, Make a Cover is an interesting and
somewhat special browser based offering that pieces together attractive looking personas
on top of a background image. Put more simply, Make a Cover creates Facebook covers like
a child would dress up a Barbie doll, in that you choose the dress wear, setting and facial
characteristics that best fit your requirements.


Once you’ve dressed up your Facebook cover and are happy with how it looks, you can
download the timeline cover to your computer or apply it straight away as your Facebook

Personally, I found the Facebook Cover Maker software easy to use but it lacked some
features that I would have liked to have seen such as the capacity to move around and
change the size of the characters that you’ve dressed up. I feel like this extra functionality
would add a lot to this tool.

It is a curious approach that the developers of the “Make a Cover for Facebook” app have
taken, since you neither download a Facebook cover that someone else has designed nor
do you entirely make the Facebook timeline cover yourself. Arguably, this Facebook cover
maker solves a compelling question – how do I create a Facebook cover without it taking

According to the developer there are tens of characters all with unique customizations being
added to this Facebook Cover Maker, however, at the time of writing I was only presented
with four options – a rather pretty girl, penguin, man and a manga styled character. With
that said, the characters on offer were well designed and I think many people would find
them appealing to have and customize on their Facebook cover.

Author: lokesh

Hi, I am a 14 years old from India. I work as an editor at blogager. I write posts related to blogging / technology / how to / making money online / smartphones / social media and others.

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