Blogging Tips: How to Top Google Search Results

Blogging Tips: How to Top Google Search Results

Are you looking to get your blog at the top of Google Search results? Well, there is no short cut to success. The best way to get up there is to drive as much traffic as possible to your blogs. You don’t need to work out complex mathematical formula to understand Google’s algorithm policies to get your blog to the top search results. Instead, try the 5 simple tips given below.

1. Create keyword rich content
From an SEO perspective, it’s very important that you craft your content with appropriate keywords. Also, ensure that you incorporate the keywords in the title and link text of your blog posts. In the process, also see to that you stick to the ideal keyword density of 1% so that your blogs don’t get spammed by Google for over usage of keywords.

2. Create social media-friendly pages
Making a strong online presence is much more than using the right keywords and creating quality content. Your ultimate goal is to get more people click on your links. Incorporating social media widgets to your web pages is one great way to drive more traffic to your blogs. Wonder how? When someone does a online research for your blogs by name, the additional properties like Twitter profile or a Facebook page would be highly beneficial in enticing them read your blogs. Here is a quick tip that you may want to consider when incorporating a Twitter profile and a Facebook page in your blogs:
For Twitter, make sure that you keep your blog’s name as the username and incorporate the anchor text links in your profile. For Facebook-friendly pages, make sure that you customize the URL to point like: blog name. After a minimum of 25 visitors have “liked” your Facebook page, you can change its name according to the custom address referred to as the “vanity URL”.

3. Use attractive images and videos
The images are probably the first elements that attract the eyeballs of visitors. So, try tweaking your web pages with attractive images that neatly portray the content of your write-ups. Not only the readers will appreciate media-rich content but also the search engines will. There is a better chance that media-rich content will be given more preference over a blog that is fully loaded with text letters.
Likewise, it would be wise to create a few self-explanatory videos on your content. It will help when readers don’t have the time to go through lengthy write-ups. May be, when the video is compelling enough the visitors may well be tempted to check for more in your content.

4. Google News
One of the best ways to probably get your blog rank higher in the Google search results for complex topics is to get into Google News. It’s an effective tool that ranks titles on every category that’s imaginable. It does so by crawling the web for newsworthy articles relevant to the topic that you are going to look for. Your blog may be listed on Google News if it adheres to the various criteria set by the source. For more information, you may refer to the “Google News” section that’s present on Google’s page.

5. List Your Blog in popular blog directories
The final step is to list your blogs in different blog directories. Look for popular blog sites like Technorati and list your blogs on those sites. Even if your blog features on the “Top 100 blogs” for a particular category, it will help drive more traffic to your website.

These are some of the ways by which your blog can reach out more visitors and subsequently gain more traffic before getting listed on Google’s top search results.


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  1. Nice tips!

    Listing Blog in popular blog directories have helped me a lot getting more visitors. Also commenting on those blog sites which allow luvcomment has also helped me.

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