Digitally Imported Android Application

Digitally Imported Android Application

One of the best things about smartphones is that they manage to successfully combine several devices into one easy to carry gadget. You can listen to music, take pictures, shoot videos, send messages, receive calls, send e-mails and the list keeps on going.


A couple of days ago I was looking for a new Samsung phone case since I have been taking the phone out way more. I wanted to save some money while at it, so I was hoping to find any store that offers cell phone accessories free shipping. I know that the whole concept behind a cell phone is to take it for a spin, so that people reach you at any point in time. The big trick in my case is that I listen to a lot of music now that I stumbled across the Digitally Imported Android application.


I knew that the company had the application for a while now since I am a subscriber, but my old data plan would get mauled within just a few days. Now that I am all checked up and ready to go, I decided to take a stab at it.


The Digitally Imported Android application has tons of awesome features. The application gives you access to over 37 Internet radio channels, having something in store for everyone out there. Each radio channel has an incredible amount of content on it and the quality is excellent considering that we are streaming the music directly to our smartphone. My only issue with it was that at times it was rather difficult to use and I would like to see slightly larger buttons.


Another issue that I came across was its compatibility and integration with Android itself. If you smartphone is locked and you have your display on but still locked, you cannot gain access to audio controls. Then again, you are streaming music, but a couple of options like “jump to next radio station” would have been welcome.


Despite that, the Digitally Imported Android application has an option to save your favorite channels so you can access them easier. You can even view current radio shows or upcoming radio shows of DI. In regards to my data plan, Digitally Imported does come with an option to change bitrate when the handset is using Wi-Fi versus Cellular data, however, I do not wish to drop audio quality. If you don’t mind it that much, you can use this feature to keep your soundtrack going at all times.


You can quickly check your data usage, something which is more than nice if you are working on a tight data plan. Not only that, but you can easily share songs with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email.



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