Dynamic Installers for Marketing and Monetizing

Dynamic Installers for Marketing and Monetizing

Dynamic Installers for Marketing and Monetizing

If you are a software developer with a great new product offering, it means that you have reached the marketing and “money time” stage of your efforts - Dynamic Installers for Marketing and Monetizing.

There are two strong pieces of advice for all developers when it comes to marketing their product:

  • Don’t do it yourself! Leave it to the experts who specialize in software marketing.
  • Don’t be tight fisted when it comes to paying for these marketing services.

 Dynamic Installers for Marketing and Monetizing

Marketing of software is usually the Achilles heel of developers and, as a software developer; you don’t want to be wasting your time doing a job that you are not cut out to do. You will become frustrated and potentially even damage your product offering’s chances of gaining a foothold in a highly competitive market. Your time is best utilized doing what you do best – developing products.


There are numerous methods of marketing and monetizing software including:

  • Bundling with a third party that already has established a following and whose market would make a good target market for your offering
  • Creating different versions of your software and marketing them at different price points to attract a different level of buyer at each price point
  • Giving a basic version of your software away for free for a limited period of time to induce people to see how indispensible it really is
  • The integration of a dynamic installer in your software


It is this last marketing and monetization on which we will concentrate as it is relatively new and gaining strong market acceptance for its ability to market and sell software.


A dynamic installer such as BetterInstaller by Somotocan be incorporated to your software to help with its installation and ensure that future versions of the software are installed. Dynamic installers are value accretive to your software from a marketing and consequently monetization perspective. However, not all dynamic installers are created equal.


When choosing a dynamic installer, make sure it comprises the following attributes:

  • It should be easy to integrate
  • It should be easy to customize if you do not want to keep its original look and feel
  • It should be compatible with all the major browsers
  • It should provide access to the cloud
  • It should provide the ability to incorporate offer screen capabilities
  • It should provide access to Tier 1 advertisers
  • It should be free


Dynamic installers are an effective software marketing and monetization tool. It is for this reason that they are gaining adherents apace.

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