Evade Dooms Day of Blogging, Simple SEO Trick


google updateThe year 2013 was the year of Google updates which had many consequences over bloggers and many websites, dooms day of blogging. The SEO experts are very much in action to overcome the effects and make the websites of their clients popular.

Though, some trends which will go this year are not very different from the older ones but the version is upgraded. Here are few things which you should keep in mind and which can be called as SEO Trends 2014.

The Content

This SEO trick is and will be the most important till the dooms day of blogging. The new Google updates have confirmed that the articles with good in-depth knowledge with detailed and focused information will be on top.

It’s clear that the word count will be more in these types of articles. You also need to make sure that your content is not stale and copied because if it so. Then nobody can save you from Google punishments which can even lead to the ban on your website.

The reason behind this is to make sure that the article you’re writing won’t go useless after a particular period of time and stay fruitful for a long time.

The Smart Feature

With the ever rising number of smartphones and tablet phones users; one should design its website in a way that it should get open the above mentioned platforms easily.

Most of the users do not prefer to use a PC or even laptops to surf on the internet. Being compatible with the latest steps of the technology will definitely boom your traffic and profits counts.

The Social Media and Locality

Most of the small businesses are in a particular region until they get bigger. Google also keep this in the mind and prefer the local results over internationals.

The social media websites like Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn and Twitter can be very beneficial to you for marketing your product and come in contact of the locals near you.

This step will finally lend you up on the top results of the Google, which is your dream I guess!

Google+ and Author Bio

Apart from social media, the Google+ has very much more significant role in deciding the position of your website on the Google’s search results.

The more relative and useful contact you add on your Google+ profile the more publicity you’ll get on Google. I guess there is no need to explain the benefits of popularity on Google the one will get.

The Author bio section also has to be changed as you must provide every tiny detail of you along with your past work and current links to make sure that Google should recognize you in a better way.

The effect of this will be on your article’s indexing and as much as you’ll improve so do your rankings on Google search results.

So these were the few important SEO trends 2014 to make sure that your nights of work do go in vain and you should earn also from Google, but by being away from the punishments.

Author: I.G.Pradeep

Responsive Web Designer, SEO and Software Developer at Bangalore. Passionate Blogger and Entrepreneur. Passionate @ Science, Technology, Comics and more. i.g.pradeep@elitefox.org +91 - 889 - 247 - 0758

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