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After its release in March, 2011 there were loads of websites that were affected by Google Panda. Rather than complain about the algorithm used by Google Panda, let’s look at how you can recover from the effects of Google Panda Updates thereby allowing you to regain your position in search engine results.

While it is true that Google has become stricter over the past couple of months, the million dollar question is, “How can you escape the Google Panda effects?” There are hundreds of published content on the web by bloggers and webmasters who have suffered from Panda effects that can assist you in regaining your lost glory. However, the most important things that you need to bear in mind are the off-page and on-page SEO tactics so as to avoid being hit by Panda again.  For instance, you need to avoid publishing duplicate content, steer clear of link farming and be effective when it comes to the application of anchor text. Nonetheless, after the recent update by Google, SEO strategies entail much more than the ones listed herein.

So which are some of the most effective Google Panda SEO tactics that you need to employ in order to increase the performance of your blog or e-commerce site?

Listed below, are some of the Google Panda SEO strategies that you can employ so as to increase your blog’s or site’s performance:

-          Relevancy: Relevancy now matters more than ever, especially with the recent algorithm updates. Unlike before, Google now concentrates more on the weight of the entire site. In respect to a blog or e-commerce site, relevancy basically refers to the similarities between the selected keywords and the site’s contents. It is for this reason that niche websites tend to have authority. Hence, you need to structure your website in such a manner that there is some meaning to the contents you are publishing and the keywords you have used.

-          Guest Posts: Rather than concerning yourself with article directories, why not concentrate more on being a guest blogger. This is one of the ways through which you can generate organic traffic without solely relying on Google. Submitting articles to article directories such as and is no longer the only means to generate organic traffic. This is because the algorithm used by Google in 2012 is very different from the one that was used by Google in 2000.

As a result of poorly published contents in most article directories, they were the very first casualties of Google Panda update. As a matter of fact, which is regarded by many as one of the best article directory sites was affected. Consequently, article directories are no longer the best sources to use when searching for effective backlinks. Therefore, you need to think about the prospects of becoming a guest blogger for some of the industry leading blogs.

-          Social Networking: Unknown to most people is that Google Panda is crazy about social networking. A lot of considerations are being given to information updated in real-time from social media sites. Therefore, if you would like to increase the ranking of your blog or e-commerce site start participating more in social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +1 and Twitter.

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  1. Nice tips, Nadine. With the new panda update rolling out soon, it is still so important to focus on good quality content created for the users and visitors to your website, to avoid getting hit by panda again. Thanks again.

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