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In September 2012, Google web spam department’s head Matt Cutts tweeted that they have rolled out another update which was named as EMD (Exact Match Domain) update. Google associate Matt Cutts said these minor changes would affect just 0.6% of English-US queries to any noticeable extent. He also stated that Google was trying to remove “Low Quality Content” from Google. So in this article we will discuss about Google Exact Match Domain update in details and how it would affect our blog?


EMD Affected Domains

There were many domains which lost their ranking on September 29,2012. Each ranking here is compared with the ranking the previous day. Some domains dropped out by only 5-10 but some also slipped by 100s or even more. Out of some of these , fell from #7 to #23, but dropped #3 to #183, a nearly 20 page drop. below is a graph provided by SEO Moz which shows that this update really had a very bad effect on most of the webmasters.

What is Exact Match Domain?

The EMD or Exact Match Domain is harmful for those webmasters who have purchased a domain name similar to a popular domain. For example – If you buy a new domain which is very close to world famous website , then your new domain will be surely penalized under

Exact Matched Domain penalty. Generally human beings buy these domains to copy the aspects of the successful bloggers without even thinking that it is good or bad. Mainly EMD update is for those who had bought such type of duplicate blogs which are a copy of a some famous site/blog.

Not only this, your website can be penalized even if you try to copy some keywords of the main content of your blog. In short EMD means if your domain name is exactly matched with your keywords then Google will penalized it . For example – If you are going to write about Minor Weather Report than the EMD would be Also having a exact keyword in anchor text and over optimizing it too will also harm you. EMD is considered as one type of spamming according to recent updates.

As we know that choosing a keyword targeted domain can help in On page optimization and increasing your Search Engine ranking positions. But some people have been using this technique ruthlessly which won’t work no longer.

How To Rank Faster Than EMDs WITHOUT Being An EMD

If you want to rank faster than EMD without being an EMD, follow these tips –

  1. Do some keyword research before buying any domain.
  2. Buy a high PR and trusted domain with good link profile and content.
  3. Build some more links.


Generally this algorithm will penalize those who have replicated others. So its better not to copy anyone else and keep yourself on the safe side. However, quality matters a lot. Write quality and unique content and keep yourself away from all type of these algorithms.

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