Facebook Messenger Arrives on Firefox


With Social Bees Mozilla has integrated chat and notifications in your browser and promises to do it with other social networks

A plug-in is already available for a few days but that Mozilla has decided to announce yesterday. This is an important addition for all users of Facebook, especially those who chat a lot on the social network, and now they can do so without visiting the site directly. Facebook Messenger is basically a bar sula right side of the browser, always active, allowing you to have an eye on the friends online and the latest alerts while you are visiting other pages of the internet. Facebook Messenger Arrives on Firefox

Facebook Messenger is not only a quick way to send and receive messages with your online friends. Once you have installed the sidebar, directly from the app, you can get all the usual news of social networks including friend requests, messages and notifications to be read.

The integration was developed thanks to the new “Social API” Mozilla should also lead to new additions very soon. The choice of the integration of Facebook in Firefox has been well emphasized by Gavin Sharp, head of the development team: “So you delete the heavy footprint of tabs open in the browser or the need to bring your own smartphone or tablet to see What happens on Facebook. “

There is much time that internet users spend on the social web, as one dedicated to Facebook. “The time spent by Internet users on social sites is approximately equal to 20% of the total amount spent online worldwide – says the same Mozilla Foundation in a statement -” social networks have become an integral part of online life of the people and that is why we decided to make it easier to use Facebook without being on Facebook. “

Facebook Messenger allows anyone to be instantly notified about what’s happening on your network. Often receiving a message or notification to whom we will respond later and it can happen then totally forget the news because it was closed the browser window that housed Facebook. In this way, everything remains under control so as not to miss a notification of the social network. The Mozilla Foundation has released a video that explains in detail how Facebook Messenger on Firefox.

But if you felt “too connected” with a sidebar that for some can become heavy, just click the icon of “f” on the top and select “Hide the toolbar” or “remove from Firefox” in the first If the connection remains active but do not display notifications, the second will remove the sidebar until it is re-installed. Integration of Facebook would be just the beginning to make Firefox more social: “We will add support for more features and provider – Mozilla continues – We want to build a social standard for the Web to provide developers and users more choice, just as we did with our work on Open Search. Imagine being able to use the Firefox sidebar, the buttons on the toolbar to navigate between news, music, finance, e-mail, group work and much more. “

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