Getting Started with Foursquare Marketing

fourLet us first get to know what Foursquare is all about. It is a reference social guide that is good at recommending the best places based on your interests and activities in relation to your friends and other users of Foursquare. All you have to do is to use your phone to check in at any of the places you visit. From the most popular bars to other joints and restaurants, local parks, museums and the local departmental store too. The moment you check in with Foursquare, you are entitled to reward points, recognition badges, and mayorships. Getting Started with Foursquare Marketing

Foursquare is open for both small and medium business owners, in order to improve their business and increase sales. It is a very powerful marketing and engagement tool that helps identify new customers and let them know more about you. It is amazing to note that the check-ins, as they are called, recently hit the 1 billion mark. This simply translates that people all over the world are using this sensational app on their mobile devices whenever they wish to check in to any restaurant, bar, pub, motel, hotel, inn or gym. It may be in their location or anywhere else while they are travelling. People seem to be checking in at an amazing rate of over 33 times per second, and this is happening in every city and town in most countries. Business owners do not have to pay anything to benefit from the services of Foursquare. You can identify your venue on Foursquare create your own set of ‘specials’ or rewards, by way of points, discounts or whatever else you can think of for people who just check in.


The slabs can be created for checking in a minimum number of times, for checking in with family and friends, and special rewards for people who have checked in the most number of times, which is the mayorship. For instance, a restaurant chain thought of the brilliant idea of rewarding its customers with salsa and chips free of charge the moment they check in to any of its restaurants. Yet another restaurant was very innovative and in addition to awarding a mayorship, gave the customer some special treatment that he will never forget in his life.

They simply set aside a special table for him with his name and made sure that he got all the attention. He probably referred so many of his friends and family that the restaurant must have benefitted a lot by the simple gesture that would not have cost too much. Social networking is something that is popular already through media networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, Foursquare is proving to be the most popular location based app for mobiles and that is what makes it special. Most people now travel an extra mile just to find the specific bar or restaurant or even a clothing store to benefit from the discounts and reward points. Business owners are now making it a point to figure on Foursquare and are liberal with their offers, knowing pretty well how much business it can generate and add to the kitty.

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