Google Adsense: How To Rectify Page Type Issue

Page Type Issue

Don’t know How To Rectify Page Type Issue ? Did you got page type issue from Google Adsense. Now you are in the right place to rectify your page type issue and get your business with Google Adsense. If you are here, I’m sure you got a mail from Google like this given below. A lot of newbie bloggers got this issue and this issue preventing many talented bloggers, Passionate  bloggers  to peek inside the blogosphere. For them i wrote an article About How To Rectify Page Type Issue ?. How this could prevent Talented bloggers and passionate Bloggers to get inside the blogosphere? If he/she is talented or passionate, why they need Google Adsense to blog?

You need a prize for your work, A blogger need to know how far their words can earn. It gives them a little ecstasy to blog more. Google Adsense is standard and it does always.

Google Page Type Error Message

How To Rectify Page Type Issue

For some reason Google stopped approving for Sub-domain (BlogSpot, Webs, ) blog in Asian countries, Don’t worry if your sub-domain has a high value like Original content, Unique Content and proper keyword density Google loves to approval your sub domain blog. But it requires little hard work for newbie bloggers. So i suggest you to buy a Top level domain, it’s the best way too.

  • There is one ways to make yours sub domain to Top-level domain. Buy a custom domain and add it to your Blogger (Blogspot)
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  • Buy a domain and hosting plan and start your blogging by installing WordPress, If you already have valuable content on your sub domain blog. You need to transfer your post and make sure you delete your post while posting on the top level domain. By this SEO picks your latest post update by doing some little improvement in SEO.
  • Your Sub Domain Blog must have at least 6 month age for Google Adsense approval. For Top Level Domain it’s not required.
  • While registering domain please provide appropriate information, the same information should provide for applying Google Adsense.
  • Avoid features like chatting site to drive traffic. Even if Facebook applied for Google Adsense, Google Adsense will kick out Facebook for page type issue.
  • Page Rank got nothing to do with page type issue; I received this question from my readers

(Readers: Hello Pradeep, My blog page rank is 3 and applied for Google Adsense, But Google reject my application for page type issue. Why my application got rejected even I got ranked Google

Pradeep: Hello Mr.########, Google Adsense got nothing to do with Page Rank. Page rank is the matter of SEO, to increase search engine result. )

  • Make it less or avoid a generic topic like “what is blogging, what is page rank and how to earn online”. Such topic is very common in internet. It makes no value to your blog by adding this type of content in your page. Try to write unique content to Rectify Page Type Issue.
  • Do not repeat your post to add more content. It’s not the exam to fulfil your answer sheet with repeated answers. So avoid reproduction.
  • If you have already done everything wrong on your blog or violated Google Adsense policy. Format your blog and start from the beginning and send reconsideration mail to Google.

The Things You Need To Make Sure Before Applying Google Adsense.

  • Make sure your blog compiles certain criteria created by Google Adsense. Do not use any pirated web template themes in your blog.
  • Make sure your blog page has easy navigation.
  • Make sure your site is not a chatting site to drive traffic through.
  • Make sure your page or content has a keyword.
  • Make sure your Page has not contains any hidden script which harms readers.


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  1. Hi, I would like to know your content : For some reason Google stopped approving for Sub-domain (BlogSpot, Webs,)

    I thought is also a part from google?

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    • Yes, Indeed… But in blogger, anyone can create blog, at the same time every one can get approved by adsense. after that, too much click fraud, invalid click and more.. so google is very selective in approving for blogspot.

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