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Of all the phone models from Nokia, the new Lumia 920 has to be the best of them all. The firm has outdone itself this time. The new model is one of the unique forms of touch phone models in the market. This is mainly because of the unique features on the phone, which is, yet to be unveiled. The phone has many features such as

4GLTE Support

The new phone model would be able support various forms of networks. These include support of the 4G network and other networks such as 3G and 2G. This ensures that the phone is among the best in speed efficiency and functionality. The phone model will also have support of other networks across various boundaries

Pure Motion HD Display

The screen of the phone is arguably the best in terms of all the touch screen models in the market. The screen is very pure motion high definition enabled. The display has also other many unique features that are only available on the phone. This includes the availability of the Gorilla corning glass on the screen. There is also inclusion of other many features that are of the screen.

The additional features on the screen of the new phone include the introduction of multitouch capability. The phone also offers the highest form of resolution in terms of picture clarity. This is mainly due to the many features that phone offers. It also offers support for various colors use.

Windows Enabled

The phone comes with the inclusion of windows 8. This unique feature makes the device easy to connect to the internet. There is also inclusion of many other programs such as Photoshop capability among the many other available programs. The phone allows the client an all round experience in experience of many computer programs. The phone also comes with a dual core CPU OF 1.5GHz krait. The other additional features of the phone include the inclusion of the Adreno GPU. It also comes with a QUALCOMM’s chipset.

Other Additional Features

The phone has many other features other than the stated above. These include the inclusion of an 8MP camera. The inclusion of near field communication features on the phone. Other unique features include the availability of Wi-Fi. The phone also offers many other features on the Nokia Lumia 920. These include inclusion of memory cards of high quantity. There is also enhanced video quality. Some of the lacking features on the phone include the lack of a radio on the phone model.

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