Helping the New Bloggers with the Top Five Blogging Strategies

Helping the New Bloggers with the Top Five Blogging Strategies

There are plenty of ideas that are available for the blogging. And among them you will find that some of the ideas or the strategies are good and some of them are not.

Blogging Strategy

Blogging Strategy

Actually there are many new bloggers who have no ideas about how to attract people to their blogs and how to increase the traffic. Hopefully these best and essential five tips will definitely help them to motivate their blogs.

The internet is the place from where you will get many such tips that does not help most of the time. It is up to you to decide which tips will help you and which tips you will throw away. But, sometimes it is not possible for the new bloggers do so due to lack of experience. But, here we have decided to provide you with the top 5 blogging strategies that will definitely help you not only to get the best traffic but also, you can keep people on your site and can even build trust.

Helping the New Bloggers with the Top Five Blogging Strategies

Here we will discuss about these five blogging strategies that will not only help the new bloggers but, even the existing ones:

Be tech savvy and break the current news

Be tech savvy and always try to break the current industry news at first. If you can do it properly and at first then you will get much publicity and there will also be a huge amount of traffic. For this you can take Mashable and WebProNews as examples. These are very famous and are considered to be the best Journalist and traditional blogs now a day. It is really very difficult to break the recent news before these two blogs. So, you should not try to overtake these blogs but, try to create innovative and interesting news that will provide much publicity for your blogs.

Posting every day is important

Another thing you need to consider here as the best strategy is a need of everyday posting when you are dealing with blogs. When you are starting a blog then it is important that every day you should have at least 1-2 posts and increase it to more posts with passing time and this will make your blog popular. So, it is important that you should post every day to your blog mainly because of the fact that Google and other Search Engines prefer consistent blogs. Posting every day and providing content everyday can give your blog a better and higher rank. But, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to post every day. You can start with 1 post every day and with passing time can make it up to 10 – 20 posts in a week.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is also considered to be a very important strategy that helps to improve the ranking of the blog. Ask your friends and peers to comment on your blogs and this will make your blogs noticed by the big bloggers and you should also ask them to generate the back links. Whoever is posting in your blogs you should always try to answer them and don’t be lazy. You should try to avoid mass commenting as these are considered to be spam.

You can even buy followers and fans

This is very common these days. Actually no onelikes to interact with such a page that has no fans. So, these days it has been found that many people go with the idea of buying followers and even fans. These followers and fans will help you to expose your blogs by clicking on the links. This can be done with the help of the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Be present everywhere

You should try to promote your blog not only in a single social website but in many others. It is true that all your fans use different social networking sites and it will help you if they can promote the sites on different social media. This will give more publicity to your blogs. Try to know from where you are getting more fans and consider it to be your main tool.

If you can follow these five simple strategies then you will definitely have a very popular blog. So, go for it now only.

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