How Google AdSense is different from other Money-Making Networks

bigstock-Money-collected-in-the-basket-22396406small-300x255Google’s AdSense is a revenue-sharing opportunity administered by Google Inc. for all web sites that places advertisements appropriate to one’s website content and is aimed at the people regularly visiting the site. It lets the publishers of content sites of Google Network provide automatic video, image, text, and loaded media advertisements that are targeted to the website content and the people visiting the site. Google manages, classifies, and maintains these advertisements. These advertisements can generate income as the website owner gets paid a small amount whenever the advertisement is either clicked on or exhibited on one’s page.

  Google AdSense is different from other Money-Making Networks

The basis of all AdSense revenue is the AdWords program, which is a based on the Vickrey auction model. In this kind of auction those websites who want to advertise with Google’s targeted advertisement system can register using the Google AdWords program.


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At present 68% of the income produced by AdSense is shared by Google with the content website associates and 51% with AdSense.

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Millions of website owners and bloggers consider Google Adsense as the best advertisement network to create money from one’s blog. Google Adsense has many advantages over most other advertisement networks which are as follows:


  • It is very simple to create or execute. One can go to the Google Adsense sign up page and sign up with one’s Google ID.  Then enter the URL where one wants to show the advertisements, enter all the relevant information and then submit the application. Upon review an email approving or disapproving the application will be sent to the website owner.
  • It has very little restrictions whilst joining. While other money-making networks need a certain ranking for traffic level or page views, Google Adsense does not. Thus even if one’s blog gets very less traffic, one can sign up and get accepted.
  • Many options are offered to effortlessly tailor the advertisements that are to be placed in one’s blog. One can change the color, text, images or size of the advertisements in one’s blog.
  • Problems like click bombing can be reported with ease. A warning will be issued to the website owner by the Google Adsense team if there is any damage to one’s Adsense account and if one does not look up the cause and improve on it, then the account may be disqualified.
  • It is simple to modify the program. One can simply block certain URL’s and modify one’s account to increase traffic and thus increase the money generated.
  • The major benefit of Google Adsense is that unlike other advertisement networks, it only shows advertisement relevant to one’s content and niche. Also these advertisements are not as disturbing as others.
  • It is one of the highest paying advertisement networks. If a blog site is able to generate a reasonably good amount of traffic, Adsense can create a really good income.
  • Another major advantage is that revenue generation is not dependent on the place from where traffic comes to one’s blog.



In conclusion, Google AdSense is a in comfortable and flexible way of making money by placing appropriate and appealing advertisements in one’s website along with the content.

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