How SEO and Web Hosting are Related

How SEO and Web Hosting are Related


SEO and Web Hosting are Related

SEO and Web Hosting are Related

To paraphrase Anna Karenina, all happy families are alike in their happiness while each unhappy family is unhappy for its own particular reasons. Although it might seem strange to describe the relationship between search engine optimization (SEO) and the choice of web hosting in this manner, it is more apt than is apparent from surface impressions. A successful website with a high ranking on the search engines requires a great many factors going in its favor, while even a single factor going ill can send it plummeting down the depths. Given how many factors are tied to your choice of web hosting, it should come as little surprise that choosing poorly can set back your website’s search engine ranking through any one of those factors.


Here are three of the most common SEO problems that can come from you choosing the wrong web hosting option:


IP Address


Many search engines rank websites for their users based on geographic location. For example, if there are two websites that are identical save that one is hosted in the United States while the other is hosted in Great Britain, the one hosted in Great Britain would place higher than its counterpart if the searcher is in either Great Britain or someplace closer to Britain than the United States. Since search engines can figure out the location of the host based on the IP address, this can pose a problem if you are trying to optimize your website for local visitors and your host is located in an entirely different country.


Furthermore, you may also encounter problems if you share an IP address with a great many websites of dubious reputation. Although most search engines are understanding and will not penalize you for the actions of others on the same server, this tolerance only extends so far.


Loading Speed


The speed with which your website loads for visitors is one of the factors that is always considered when search engines assign rankings. Your website’s loading speed is dependent on a number of factors such as the computing resources available to satisfy visitor’s requests. Unsurprisingly, if you are using a host that does not provide sufficient computing resources, this can cause the host to become over-burdened and the loading speed of your website to slow to a crawl. This is particularly problematic if you are sharing a host with other users, since high demand being placed on their websites can in turn cause yours to slow down. In extreme cases, too much demand can even bring down hosts, which will result in downtime for your website and a slip in the rankings if the search engines find your website down too often while crawling through it.


Website Security


Making sure that your website is secure matters not only because malware places a strain on computing resources, but also because an infected website can get removed entirely from search engine rankings. Compromised security is particularly important if your website is hosted on a shared host where your information is not separated from that of other users. Although no service provider can guarantee perfect security, the better ones will handle problems in as effective and expedient a manner as possible while documenting them for better customer service.

SEO and Web Hosting are Related


Yogesh Mankani contributed this guest post on behalf of – read more about their reader generated web hosting reviews. Yogesh is a freelance technology writer with extensive experience in SEO and hosting.

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  1. Great post Yogesh. Thanks for informing about IP address, Loading speed and Website security that it also matters in Seo. I will work on these three factors too which will help my site to get better than before.

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