How to Build a Successful eCommerce Website Design

ecommerceCreating Unique Website Is Easy? Yes, Building an eCommerce Website is lot easier. Once Building eCommerce website is tough as hell, But now we can, we have a many software tools to make your eCommerce Website design. No matter how small your business is, a business via web is like wild cat with wings. In eCommerce business catching a big prey is not simple. if you are ready to catch a big prey, you need to ensure yourself with certain quality on your eCommerce website design.

 How to Build a Successful eCommerce Website Design

Navigation, Attraction, Exploring, Checkout, Secure Transaction, Social Media Interaction, valuing Customers feedback. cant get what i’m presenting? Here you can get it by a mere glance, If you read it fully, you are the king of the eCommerce Website.

Clear Navigation on Every Page

Once we initiate all our products, Terms and condition Pages, Contact Page, About Page and its necessary to link each and to the target. But over stuffing leads visitor to switch other site.   A visitor/buyer should feel live with our website design ecommerce. Navigation control is a backbone of the eCommerce Website. A clear navigation on each page with attractive designs are success for web business.

Attract Visitor to Come Back

Color-PencilsHow can we attract visitors/buyers to our site?

  • Avoid filling your content with ads
  • Use Professional color
  • Use High Quality Original Image
  • Using Special Designs for eCommerce Website

If you are in situation to fill the content with ads, Try adding little content for visitors. Or else visitor/buyer would thing this site is not professional. Professional website always use High Quality image from Image shopping or Original image from Designers/Image Creator.

Place “Add to Cart” Above “Buy” Option. 

add-to-cart-iconPlacing Add to Cart above is always a right thing. If buyers finds “pay”  option easier then “Add to cart”. They pay and leave. if add to cart is easier then pay, buyers always get the chance to explore more on our website




img-secureEasy Checkout System

Do every eCommerce website has easy checkout system? No, some use PayPal  and some from moneybooker and more to mention. So choose easy and possible checkout system from your eCommerce system.

Provide Secure Transaction.

And It is also necessary to provide secure payment system. Every transaction should be smooth and secured.




Share Your Product Items Using Social Plugins.

Its better to share your product listing in social media, Provide FB (Likes, Recommended) option, Tweeting, Stumble Upon and more social plugins.

Treat Feedback’s and Reviews with Values.

Even your first buyer will write a Positive/Negative review somewhere on the web. So keep an eye on the reviews, If its good and positive share and convey your thanks. If its bad and negative, consider resolving the case as soon as possible. Negative transaction could mostly caused by Hard time unsecured transaction. Product is not received on time, Navigation control, Damage on the produce at the delivery and all. Try using Google to find your reviews and reply, More buyers use Google for your site review. If you are responded to those queries, the visitor thinks its not the Issue and direct to your eCommerce site

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