How to choose a name for your blog or website

How to choose a name for your blog or website

There are three simple rules to follow before choosing a blog name:


1.       You must describe your blog or website


This is especially for cases where your blog or website specializes in something specific, such as: \”Tips for Entrepreneurs\”, \”Secrets of WordPress\”, \”Weight Loss\”, \”Make Money\” etc.. if your blog is going to have such an approach then it is recommended that the name d your blog have those words in mind, so it\’s easier for search engines to associate your blog or website with what is supposed to give these as relevant information on it.

Many people probably read the name of the link before clicking on it, especially when it comes to people who are in search engines, and can ller your link to the naked eye, so if you are in search engines the name of your blog may or website can make a difference and entering him or ignore it to the next on the list of search engine results.

2. Must Be Easy to Remember


Imagine your blog is on issues of Health, Beauty and Mothers trabjan from home, this does not mean that your website or blog is called \”\” if you cover this issues and the name of your website will be almost impossible to remember even for yourself.

It is best to find a short name, easy to remember and above all with those few words in covering most topics will be addressed, if the name you\’re interested in is already occupied by another site, then you have to keep looking, one comptetivio appropriate and perhaps, on the other websites that address the same issues or topics related to yours.
According to the category or niche you\’re trying, the name of your site can take anywhere from a few hours of thinking and looking up to several days or perhaps weeks, no one said it would always be easy to do, but is a decision deb to be taken in stride.

3. Must be equal to your domain name

This detail is important and the vast majority of new Internet entrepreneurs overlook it when a user uses a search engine to find something of interest usually writes about the general topic you want, if your site has those keywords in your domain name and has positioned properly will surely visitors for your website, so if the visitor was interested in your website, or remember the key words you put into the search engine knows that usually must be followed by one. \” com \”at the end of the domain of your website.

Although it helps that your keywords for which you want to be found on the web are in your domain name does not make it an absolute rule, but it really helps interested visitors to return without having to memorize the name of your blog or website or the domain name exactly.

Do not forget to consider these details when you are thinking of creating a website or blog for a particular market niche, but if you are trying a variety of topics, you should consider how you will choose the best name for your new website or blog? Without spending much time in the attempt.

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