How to Choose an Effective Logo and Brand

How to Choose an Effective Logo and Brand


Choose an Effective Logo and Branding is something which is extremely difficult to perfect. Branding can be the reason why customers might or might not identify with you, and is a key part to the success of your business. There are several established branding agencies out there who have the capacity to research the market, produce several mock up designs and have access to top photographers and graphic design software to create a desirable brand for a company.

If you are starting out and have a tight business budget to manage, chances are you will have to brand your own company yourself, or call upon some talented friends or a family member who can be of help.


Choose an Effective Logo and Brand Getting started…

Before you brand your business, you need to make sure you know your industry, target market and how you want your business to be seen. Thoroughly research how your competitors go about branding so you can stand out, but also work out how they have created a successful brand.

There are brands you will like and those that you dislike. Make a note of what you like and why, and what you don’t so you can really begin to target exactly what you are after.

Are there any colour schemes you feel work? Are there and fonts or logos or images you feel look good? Gather your research together and cover a wide range of businesses so you have enough to compare and feel you understand your competition.

Who is your business aimed at? If you are targeting your company at a particular age group, research this side of the market. What colour schemes or methods do other companies who have the same target market use? With the internet so easily accessible, you have the means to quickly and thoroughly get to grips with what is currently out there on offer.

Choose an Effective Logo and Brand - Mood boards…

Mood boards are a really great way of gathering research together in one place to begin to understand what fits together well. During your research stage you would have looked at various brands to see what techniques they use to convey their business. It could be a style of font of a particular colour or even an image you have seen in a magazine. By printing out your favourite selection, you can begin to piece it together easily. Cut or print out images, fonts, colours, photographs etc that you like and feel match your business, and begin to arrange them to see what matches, almost like a puzzle until you find a successful combination. From here you can tweak and get a brand identity together using your mood board foot print.

Choose an Effective Logo and Brand – Testing…

Before you go ahead and get your business cards, flyers, banners, and website designs together, ask as many people possible to critique your branding design.

You need to make sure that people identify the right messages from your chosen design, and that there are not faults, and mainly that your business matches the brand style.

You won’t please everybody, and some people questioned won’t necessarily like your branding style, however if the majority do and you feel it represents your business well, you should proceed with the design. The mistake many make in business is to spend time on a project, be it a website or branding for example, test it and then run with it, and assume it is complete. You need to constantly make sure what you have to offer identifies with your target market, and be ready to make any tweaks to perfect your business. This applies to all aspects of your business. Choose an Effective Logo and Brand

There is plenty of competition out there to keep up with, so be prepared to tweak, evolve and update your business to keep on top, Choose an Effective Logo and Brand.

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