How to Get Other Bloggers to Link to You?

strategic-link-buildingHow to Get Other Bloggers to Link to You? Do not take such a black and white view to blogs and linking, because it is not always as common sense would dictate. For example, sometimes people will link to your blog, even if they disagree with it. They may quote and link to you–just so that they can tell the world how wrong you are, or how your opinion differs from theirs. Sometimes people will link to you for no other reason that what you typed has agrees with what their blog says.


Here are a few ways of getting people to become more amenable to linking to you. Guest blog The point of writing a guest blog is to gain a link from the site you write for. All you need to do is insert your link and there you go. Friends Make friends with people within the online community and you will find that they will link to you as a gesture of friendship and support. You could also ask them to link to you if you wish. Reciprocal offers Many people are looking for links to their blogs, so why not approach them and ask them if they would like to swap links with you. You link to them and they link to you. It is a simple way of linking blogs, and saves them the trouble of looking for links themselves. Pay them Money makes the world go round, and everybody has a price.

If you find a blog that has a high page rank and you cannot get them to link to you by any other method–then offer to pay them. The worst they can say is no. Write about other people in a positive light that makes them like you If you write posts about a blogger then you may gain a link from them. This is more likely if the blog is corporate sponsored. This is because your blog turns into a free advert for them, and since they did not pay you–the least they can do is link to you. Plus if they are smart they may realise that rewarding people with links is a good way of having them write more nice things about the company. Mention other people and blogs in your blogs

101-3People Google themselves all the time, and there is nothing better than finding your name online if it is in a good light. You should add in the name of a few prolific bloggers every now and again. You may find that they will link to you. Link to them and they may link back Some people have plug-ins, add-ons, or automated software that will automatically link to people who link to it. This means that linking to another blog may automatically get you a link back. On other occasions a person may run a link check to see how many links they have. When they see that you have linked to them they may link back out of gratitude.

Write about similar subjects to other people and then tell them to look at your blog This would be considered a dirty trick if you were writing blog posts that are geared simply at currying the favor of other bloggers, but if you are genuinely writing about the same thing as them then there is a good chance they would want to read your blog.

Support a similar cause as other bloggers Some bloggers take up a cause with the expressed view of gathering support. That means that they will support any others who are doing the same thing. They will often link to you in order to consolidate the support they already have. They may ask you to link to them, and may even be willing to share advice on how to get more traffic.

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