How To Make Your Context Ads On Facebook Effective

How To Make Your Context Ads On Facebook Effective

Context Ads On Facebook Effective

             Presentation of business in the internet and in particular in social networks has become an integral part of any business. Important role in this is playing a contextual advertising, because it makes possible to precisely select the target audience. Especially open to such possibilities is  Facebook as it allows to choose audience not only by geographical characteristics, but also considering the interests, preferences, marital status, date of birth and other information about your target audience. But before you start your campaign on Facebook you should think about how to make up your ads so that it delivers the best possible result and conversion.

The main components of any contextual ad on Facebook is a picture, a title and the text of the ad.


 Let’s start with the ad title. What should it be?


・ Ask questions. Questions always attract attention and stir interest. If you ask the right question then people will click on your ad to find the answer.

・ Limit the title on one line – be precise and clear.

・ Do not use a template advertising phrase – try to be original and unique. On any template in the advertising user may simply not pay attention.

・ Refer to the emotional component of human nature. Use these headers that cause people feel certain emotions, feelings, sensations. For example, “Live in the present,” “Here and Now,” “You’re a wimp?” and others. Exert pressure on the senses.


What about picture? It is also very important component of every ad because it affects the visibility of your ad.


・ Color of your image must contrast with the Facebook page. It means that try to avoid using blue colors for your image because it will merge with site background. Use some bright and drawing attention colors – red, green, purple. It will help you to stand out on the page.

・ Use people images. An experience shows that ads with images of human faces are more clickable and have higher CTR.

・ Your image background should be white to make your ad looks like a logical part of the page.

・ Do not use small and difficult notable details. If your picture will have a lot of small parts they just mixed up all the image is illegible.

・ Use horizontal pictures instead vertical – they will take more space in your ads.

・ Add your name, your brand image. Then, even if the user clicks on your ad it will remember your brand name in its memory. This is a good branding opportunities.

・ Do not forget that all of your ads should be linked together to create a complete picture. Do not put on the picture irrelevant image.


But, of course, the main and most informative part of your ad is text. What to write in your ad to make user click on it?


・ Your ad text should be specific and clear. Since the number of symbols is restricted try to accommodate as much meaning and appeal to your text as you can.

・ Include a ‘call to action’ words. Tell people what they need to do. Use words such as “click like”, “join now”, “come and see” and other words that will join person to make the desired act.

・ If your advertising is targeted to a particular city – use the city name in the ad. This will give the person to feel trust in your ad.

・ Explain to the user in the text why he has to click on your ad. What benefits are waiting for him? Offer benefit and show an easy way to them – just click.

・ Keep it simple – do not complicate communication style. Do not use the template slogans, general non-specific terms. Refer to the user as a friend.

The easiest way – put yourself in the user’s place – on which ad you will click?



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