How to Make Your Customers Remember You

How to Make Your Customers Remember You

How to Make Your Customers Remember You

The world of business is very competitive, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself when there are so many other businesses around you that are fighting for the attention of the customers. In order to edge out the competition, you’ll need to need to make your business memorable to each customer.

How to Make Your Customers Remember You

Offer Sincere Kindness and Courtesy

All it takes to make a customer’s experience at your business even more enjoyable is some simple kindness and courtesy, it can be as simple as giving your customers a bright smile. Be polite and calm even during stressful situations, say please and thank you on a regular basis, hold open the door when a customer is exiting or entering the building, or offer your help even if a customer hasn’t asked for it. Providing a friendly and kind atmosphere will make your customers feel cared for and comfortable.

Be a Friend

Being friendly is important for any business, but a good way to make yourself memorable to your customers is by going the extra mile and trying to be friends with them. Remember their names, have your staff introduce themselves to the customers, and make them feel at home in your business.

Another good way to get closer to customers is by cutting out some of the automation in your company. Talking to a machine when you need customer service isn’t very friendly or helpful, and an automated check-out can actually make transactions frustrating. Try to always have a staff member available for assistance at every section of your business to ensure that your customers are always getting a personal experience.

Provide Them with Special Bonuses, Discounts or Coupons

Who doesn’t love saving money and getting good deals on useful items and services? Bonuses, coupons and discounts will not only make a customer remember your business, but they will also provide them with incentive to do their business there.

It’s a good idea to try to remember a customer’s regular purchases to give them special coupons or discounts on items that they regularly purchase. This not only provides your customers with even more ways to save money, but it also shows that you remember your customers and care about their needs.

Send Out Postcards, Thank You Cards and Holiday Cards

Many people have their moods instantly brighten when they get a card, because it shows that you truly care about them, while also providing them with a quick note of thanks or wishing them a happy holiday season.

Sending out a postcard, such as a dental postcard advertising to a customer for their birthday is also a great idea since you can also include a special birthday bonus offer or coupon with the card as an extra present.

Being memorable to your customers can be very simple. Focus more on the customers instead of the money and you’ll stay in the hearts and minds of customers for years.

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