How To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

How to optimize your blog for search engines

Optimize Your Blog for search engine

SEO is all about ways to get your website to the top of search engines known as optimize your blog for search engines. That helps you to increase your site traffic tremendously, By Choosing a right keywords for the content in blog increases your search engine ranking.

But How To choose a right keyword?

Focusing your content on keywords which is related to your topic + Content. Visitor hits your site when they Google the related Keyword of your content . Before, ensure that your content and topic’s keywords are searches mandatory of all ages. Have you noticed my first line with < h 1 > tag in this article? when people use Google to search any phase word in the above five line, this article will be automatically indexed by Google according to Page Rank (PR).

How to increase your site traffic?

How to increase visitors to my website?

How to increase unique visitors to my site?

I bet no blogger gets a 1000 natural hits per day without having at least hundreds of content in their blog. Even me, When i started Elite fox blogging i wrote few articles and waiting for more then 1000 hits in first trial, Tee-hee. I know every beginners expects this when they started blogging. When you done posting maximum amount of rich content article, naturally you will get a flow of visitors – SEO.

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Optimize your blog for search engines, and i’m here not to disappointment you for providing only basic information. Well, My point is “Do more backlinks, backlinks, backlinks and backlinks”. Accept backlinks from other websites which has legal content, it help your fellow blogger visit often. Make your website bigger and give away for an other bloggers to comment and be acknowledged your blog as web community too :)

Too much of backlinks affects your Pagerank, So avoid Backlinks from website engaged with “BLACK HAT SEO”. approve genuine backlinks.

Optimize Your Blog for search engine - Don’t Do Over Stuffing

After reading this some beginners could try to change their content keywords, for my fellow blogger who intended to do, i would like to say don’t overdo the keywords. Over stuffing keywords will result in a poor search ranking for your website, Let it better be. Try this for your upcoming article and get better ranking in search engine optimization.

If you add “< h 1 >” tags in your content, keywords, description and paragraph, you have a high possibility to surpass high ranking content.

Related Topic + Related Content + Related keywords = Top Ranking SEO



Related Topic – Keywords Phrase Should Be Appears On The Title Like Mandatory Of All Ages To optimize your blog for search engines
Related Content – First Paragraph Of The Content Should Begin With Keywords To optimize your blog for search engines
Related keywords - Should Have a Keyword Density Only Less Than 2% To optimize your blog for search engines. Or It Will Be Considered As Spam.



Author: I.G.Pradeep

Responsive Web Designer, SEO and Software Developer at Bangalore. Passionate Blogger and Entrepreneur. Passionate @ Science, Technology, Comics and more. +91 - 889 - 247 - 0758

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    • Hello govind choudry, you can you h1 tags 15-20%. more then 20% of h1 spoils your content.
      You can use h1 to h6, i t works! Thanks for your valuable comment.

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  1. Your article gives some pointers for me.
    But if I may ask a friend like this:

    I have signed up google adsense but not yet fully approved. Adsesnsi give a reply email that said I had to wait 4 days for approval. But until almost 20 days there has been no explanation from google adsense.

    Is there any advice for me?

    Thank you.

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    • Hello Supriyadi Pro,
      Currently you are running a blog on blogspot. Its not a top level domain. In that case Google takes at least 1 – 2 months to approve your adsense account. Domain should be above 2 months to approval your adsense account for sub domains. Thank You for your valuable comment. tetap blogging :)

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  2. Thank you so much for your response my friend. Your advice is useful for beginner blogger like me.

    Again I ask.
    I never gave up, many times I set up an account, but I also repeatedly rejected. For the first time I can be half way.

    “Is there any chance my blog in google adsense be passed?”

    Thank you.

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  3. If they are taking too much time, I’m Sure your adsense approach is ready to get approval. Shortly they will send you a mail with publisher id to conform ownership. And to add the id on your page to conform. Google crawls the id and you will get approval in 2 days. Don’t worry Supriyadi Pro. Have a good day :)

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  4. Thank you friend I.G.Pradeep motivation. Urge you to make me stronger. I will continue to learn.

    I have great respect for your willingness to guide me.

    I’m sorry, I do not speak English. I just use google translate facility. I hope you understand all of what I mean.

    I salute.

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    • And make sure your website have not subscribed for any daily free visitors scheme. If you ever subscribed for free visitors, please unsubscribe it as soon as possible. And do not visit your website repeatedly from same ip address.Google loves clean source of organic traffic.

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  5. Its my pleasure to help you. And your valuable comments gives motivation to do my research more, and to guide many new bloggers. Yours communication skill is good supriyadi pro.

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  6. A friend with a subscription to the daily mean anything? I put a subscription facebook, is it?

    Thank you friend.

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  7. Thank you for the post.I really enjoyed reading the post.there is a lot of information.

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  8. Great post you have shared regarding the Optimization of a blog !! thanks for sharing :D

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  9. 20 Mistakes: I really like it because as new blogger comes across this topic he feels same thing is happening with him… this is called a truth.

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  10. مرحبا وشكرا لكم على المعلومات الخاصة بك — لقد اختار بالتأكيد عن أي شيء جديد من هنا فعلت ولكن الخبرة عدد قليل من القضايا الفنية باستخدام هذا الموقع ، منذ أن كنت من ذوي الخبرة لتحميل موقع على شبكة الإنترنت الكثير من المرات السابقة يمكن أن أحصل لتحميل صحيح أنا أتساءل عما اذا كان قد تم استضافة الخاص بك على ما يرام؟ انني لا تشكو ، ولكن بطء تحميل مرات الحالات وغالبا ما تؤثر على التنسيب الخاص بك في جوجل ويمكن أن تلحق الضرر درجاتك الجودة إذا الدعاية والتسويق مع AdWords على أي حال أنا ابن مضيفا ان هذا RSS إلى بريدي الإلكتروني ، ويمكن أن نبحث عنها أكثر بكثير من الخاص المحتوى مثيرة منها التأكد من أن تقوم بتحديث هذا مرة أخرى قريبا

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  11. Thanks for your information so far but my concern presently is how my site can get adsense approval. I don’t know how you are going to help me, I have registered twice which has been disapproved. What can I do and how will I go about it?

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    • Are you sure all your contents are unique? Olanuoye O. Felix?

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  12. Hello Pradeep, I Just Been New For Google AdSense, Actually i am not enough aware of how to get approved by google adsense, Even after i created a blog and posted two posts, i didnt get approved by google adsense, pls friend guide me to Get Approved By Google AdSense, Pls Rply

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  13. Hello Pradeep, Im new too to this adsense . I created a blogspot blog with two posts but my request was declined within a day. how can i get approved and when i should request again for Adsense ? Are there any limits for applying to Adsense ? And please explain what is H1 tag & how can it be used with Blogger.

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