How to pick the Right Printer for your Home and Office

When deciding on a printer for your home or office, you should ask yourself a few important questions to help determine which printer you should choose. Consider how much you can afford to spend and understand what purposes you will likely use the printer for. Know how much printing you’re likely to do, who will use the printer, and whether or not you prefer a high- or low-tech model.

What Are Your Needs?

Consider this first before you even begin to shop for any printers. If you plan on doing a lot of copying or printing in high-quality resolution for meetings, be sure to get a printer that’s known for excellent text quality. If you plan to do a lot of photo printing, search for a printer that’s received positive reviews about its photo quality. If you need fax capability, make sure you check the specifications to guarantee you’ll have the capabilities you need. If you need speedy printing, get a model that’s quick and efficient.

How Much Printing Will You Do?

Different printers are rated for different capacities. If you do a lot of printing or have a small or medium-sized business, chances are you’ll want a mid-range or higher printer. Budget printers and even some mid-range printers simply don’t have the ability to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. If you’re a business that regularly prints your own marketing materials, staff handbooks or other large documents, plan on purchasing a larger-capacity, more expensive printer.

Who Will Use It?

Think also about everyone who will use the printer. When you look at a printer’s specs and design, ask yourself if all users will find the printer easy to use. If you’ve got small children or staff who aren’t tech savvy, you may want to stick with a printer that’s more user-friendly. If you’ve got a personnel team full of technologically knowledgeable staff, they’ll have a much easier time with a high-tech printer and will likely be able to take full advantage of its features.

What’s Your Budget?

This is another important concern. Knowing ahead of time how much you can spend and looking at printers in your price range will give you an idea of what’s available. Also, by checking to see what different features the printers in your price range have, you’re more likely to take notice when an extra-special deal comes along on a printer with far more features than you normally would afford.

High-Tech or Low?

Some printers are nearly like computers. Consider whether you want the most high-tech device on the market or something lower-tech. High-tech models can be easier to use and more convenient if you’re tech-savvy. High-tech printers now offer touch screens and wireless printing, to name a few advantages. But low tech options are still easier and less confusing for a lot of people. Wireless printing requires some know-how to set up, and people unfamiliar with new technology can easily get lost using a touch screen.

Guest post contributed by John Sollars for Stinky Ink. John has extensive experience in the printing industry and enjoys sharing his insights on various blogs. Visit for more information on your printing needs.

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