How to Select a Blog Topic Destined to Make Money

How to Select a Blog Topic Destined to Make Money


Destined to Make Money

There has been much written about starting a blog to earn income and work from home. Generating an income with a blog requires both a sound business strategy, time commitment and considerable hard work. Selecting a topic that is both in demand and of great interest personally is the first important step to take to ensure success.


Make a List of Possible Topics

Keeping in mind that you will be required to write regular blog posts three or four times a week, it is crucial to select a topic of great interest. If you are struggling with ideas, simply jot down a list of all the activities that you enjoy in your spare time. Add the types of articles you enjoy reading and researching. Try not to edit your ideas until you have a list of at least three topics.

Once you have made a list of topics, then break down each topic into a smaller category if possible. For example, if you wrote down animals as a category of interest, you will need to narrow this huge topic down. You could focus on the animals that interest you most. You could write a blog on dogs, cats, snakes, birds, horses or any other subgroup that piques your interest. It is important to keep in mind that you will be researching and writing about this subject for hours each week if you hope to create a money-making blog.

Evaluate Popularity of Your Top Picks

Once you have a list of topics and subtopics to begin researching, then it is time to consult Google’s keyword tool. Word Tracker is another keyword tool that many online entrepreneurs use. These tools help you evaluate the popularity of each of your choices. The goal is to select associated keywords with a high number of searches. Finding a niche where there is a lot of interest, but less blog competition is the best way to position yourself for success.

To see how much competition you have in a given topic, simply type your main keyword into quotes and search it on Google. The number you are looking for is 50,000. This number is a good number to aim for when getting started in a niche.

Test the Topic

Make a commitment of three months to test a topic in the marketplace. Given the nature of the Internet and social culture, changes can happen quickly. A hot topic one month may die down to almost nothing two months later if it is a particularly trendy topic. If you regularly post for three months on a topic and find your traffic figure is not increasing or even decreases, then you may need to test another topic.


Many committed bloggers are earning a living writing about a topic they love. Working from home and immersing yourself into a labor of love is something we all dream about. By selecting a topic you enjoy that many others are interested in, your dream blogging job can come true.  Select a Blog Topic Destined to Make Money


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