How To Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile

Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile

Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile

Blogging can be used very effectively to promote any freelance profile and dramatically improve your marketing and the chances of you landing major projects on a regular basis – How To Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile. This should be great news to most freelancers because this is one vocation that can be quite a huge challenge and finding enough work to stay in business is usually not easy.



Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile

Why is blogging special ?


Blogs are one of the most powerful marketing tools ever invented. They allow very easy interaction between a service provider and their prospects. For instance a regular journal of experiences and tips can be posted in the form of useful articles packed with information and tips. Blogs can easily be made to come alive with the very personality of the freelancer, something that is impossible to achieve with a cold offline resume and portfolio.

Not to mention the fact that blogging makes it possible to interact with prospects and potential clients long before you even start working together through posts and comments that can be made and answered in real time in the comments area of any blog.

This makes it very easy to use blogging to build your reputation as a freelancer and position yourself in the minds of your prospects as a real expert who can be called upon to solve various problems that clients may be having using the skills you have already demonstrated on the blogosphere that you possess.

Even before launching your own blog, it is possible to use the blogs belonging to others that cover your area of interest to get the word out there and also to get noticed. The way to do this is by leaving comments in relevant posts and taking part in discussions across the blogosphere about various problems that can be easily solved by your skills.

Social media has made blogging even more powerful


The combination of blogs and social media has truly revolutionized the marketplace making it possible for any small operator with limited resources to quickly gain a huge audience of followers and targeted prospects who are interested in the services that they offer. It is now even possible to link a blog directly to any social networking site like Facebook, twitter and others. This means that anybody who comments about a blog post or simply likes it on social media will make the blog easily accessible through the same medium to all their friends and followers. This can result in a huge audience seeing the post.

Other popular techniques used to promote blogs in social media includes the establishment of fan pages and ordinary status updates that include links to blog posts.

Portfolio of happy clients


It is fairly easy to create an online portfolio of your work on a blog and also bring in the comments and views of happy customers who you have served in the past. This can be an extremely powerful selling tool.

Blogging as a learning tool


Blogging is not only a marketing tool. It can also be used for learning and to enhance your skills. By interacting with other leading freelancers in the world you will be able to pick up new skills that should help you become a better freelancer and a better marketer of your freelancing services.

Collaboration can be pretty powerful


As you meet new contacts in your blogging activities, relationships will be established so that you are able to exchange information and even content. For instance you can do guest posts and the other bloggers can also do posts in your blog in return. Either way this is an extremely powerful method of quickly expanding your audience of prospects. Your partner bloggers will also be able to recommend you to others which will improve your prospects and greatly enhance your profile as a freelancer.

The downside of blogging


One of the few major downsides of effective blogging is the fact that it is very time consuming and can easily take up so much of your time that you are left with little or no time to do anything else. This means that to be successful you will need to be very disciplined and organized so that you allocate enough time to your blogging activities while leaving adequate time for all the other activities in your day that are also critical to prosperous freelancing. So Use Blogging To Promote Your Freelance Profile.


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