How to use email analytics to better understand campaigns

Using email analytics to better understand campaigns


using email analytics to better understand campaigns

using email analytics to better understand campaigns

From customer engagement to promotional offers, a properly maintained email campaign can offer benefits to businesses of any size. With their affordable pricing, in-depth customization and easy setup, they are a very popular. However, without proper optimization an effective campaign can become a money sink quickly. A major part of optimizing any campaign is using analytics. While they might seem intimidating at first, these explanations will make it easy to get the most of your reports and campaigns.


Why Email Campaign Analytics are Crucial


The simplified interfaces of many email marketing services make it simple to just fill in a few fields and send your campaign to your entire contact list; this is far from ideal. By using your analytics to target your campaigns, you can reduce costs and ensure that your campaigns are received well by your customers. After all, if a customer reports your campaign mails as spam, it can be difficult to reverse that filtering. This also helps to establish reputation with email providers for improved delivery rates in the future.


How Important are Open Rates?

Depending on where you look, some claim that open rates are a crucial statistic. Others claim that it is useless. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. This is because there are some issues with how open rates are calculated. Depending on the email program a customer is using, an open recognition may not be sent if images are not loaded or the entire email is not loaded.


With image and ad filtering, as well as interfaces that summarize emails, you might be reaching more customers than you think based on your open rates. On its own, the open rate is a vague figure at best. When compared with other values, such as bounce rates, conversion rates or click-through rates, the utility of open rates are increased significantly.


What is the Bounce Rate Measuring?

This figure is a measure of how many emails did not reach their destination. Email providers often use this figure to detect spammers and other potentially malicious mailers. Depending on your service agreement, this could also cost you money for emails that were not delivered. However, not all bounces are bad. The type of bounce often determines how you should respond.


1.      Hard Bounces: These are the bad type of bounce. A hard bounce often indicates an invalid or closed email address. Hard bounced emails will rarely reach their intended recipient. For this reason, these addresses should be removed from contact lists immediately.

2.      Soft Bounces: These bounces require a little more analysis. While frequent soft bounces should be considered for removal, a soft bounce typically indicates a minor error with the email provider or other temporary issue. The email provider will often automatically redeliver these items once the issue is resolved.


What Analytics Help Gauge Interaction and Engagement?

From promoting the latest products or services that you offer to spreading brand awareness, the purpose of many email campaigns is to provide a call to action for the customer. Measuring this engagement can be performed using two figures in your analytics.


  • Conversion Rates: This figure tracks how often a recipient performs an intended action based on your email. These actions can be configured to track anything from membership activation to the purchase of items. Since this metric is easy to target, it is a great tool for analyzing your email campaigns.
  • Click-Through Rates: If you are looking for something with a little less depth, click-through rates are ideal. This figure simply tracks which links your email recipients are clicking. This is a great way to optimize copy or check the effectiveness of a campaign that does not involve specific user interaction.


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