Hummingbird would make the best out of the Conversational search


For those of you who thought that Google is about to launch their own Hummingbirds after reading this title, then

NO! They are NOT. Google Hummingbird is not an app, nor is it another name for “gmail”. It’s basically a search algorithm used by Google to make its users’ search more effective and efficient. All the replies that you get, in the blink of an eye, when you type in your query is because of this amazing search algorithm.

When, What and How of Hummingbird:

On September 27th’ 2013, Google’s fifteenth birthday, Google announced the “Hummingbird” algorithm. It’s their new algorithm and the team of Google is convinced that this algorithm would produce far more efficient results than the previous one. When the Google team was asked about the name “Hummingbird”, they replied that the name came from being “fast and precise”.

So, how is this new algorithm any different from the previous updates? Well, apart from other new and cool features, Hummingbird would make the best out of the “Conversational search”. For those of you who don’t know about this approach, this little example would make things easier to understand. Consider a query, “Closest place to buy Sony Xperia SP from my home?”. Now, what other search engines would do is that they would simply come up with all the search results that would have “Xperia SP” in them. Not a single search engine would provide you with a brick and mortar store, that would be close to your home (if you have provided that), and that happens to sell Sony Xperia SPas well.

This is where the Google Hummingbird comes in the picture. The Google team hopes that this algorithm would focus on the query as a whole rather than just the keywords and will not come up with search results that would have those keywords only. It would, instead, understand the meaning of the query and would try to give the exact results to you. So, to put it in a nutshell, gone are the days when Google used to map keywords and come up with only the pages that had those keywords. Now, it tries to map conversations.

At this point, many of you would still be not convinced about Google Hummingbird’s power and efficiency. Most of you would come with a counter argument like, “Google has already done the Conversational Search. What’s so big about this new algorithm?”

Well, the answer lies in the fact that Google’s previous attempt on “conversational search”was only confined to “Knowledge Graph” answers. Any query beyond this point could not be handled with that update. But with the Hummingbird, conversational search technique can be applied to billions of pages, in addition to the Knowledge Graph answers and facts.

What about the Previous Algorithm?

The previous algorithm, PageRank, has been merged into this new Hummingbird algorithm. Google took all the features of PageRank and implemented them in the Hummingbird so that Hummingbird becomes nothing but a perfect, search algorithm.

SEO and Your Traffic:

Many of you would be thinking that after all this, SEO would be dead and they would lose traffic from Google. However, that is not true. The hummingbird has been in the market for four months and still there has not been a single complaint. Google has just refined its search. It has done nothing with the SEO and its implementation. If your content is original, relevant and of high quality, then there is no way that it won’t appear in the Google search. All Hummingbird does is, that it enables the Google to search in a better way.

As far as the traffic is concerned, you would not lose it. However, if you still have lost traffic in the past four months, then, according to Google t’s not certain that it would be because of Hummingbird. Only in one out of a thousand instances, you would lose traffic because of Hummingbird. The other times, it would be just because of other parts of the algorithm.


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