Impact of Penguin Updates On your Blogging Strategy

Penguin Updates On your Blogging

Blogging is a common action today in the internet world, and you can find literally millions of blogs online, from the advanced blogs made by companies, to the local and personal blogs of people that want to have their own place on the internet. Google recently introduced Penguin, a tool that is praised and contested at the same time. Let’s see why this tool can be so effective, and why it is important for blog masters.


Analyzing the page with Google Penguin


Before establishing what Google Penguin could do for you, you should determine if you need it. If you:


-          use software that begins with mega, masiv, and turbo

-          you lose time looking for keywords and optimizing the page for those keywords

-          you are watching the rank for every keyword

-          you buy traffic

-          You know when the Google robots visit your page.


Well, in this case, it means you are an advanced blogger that really cares about his blog, and about how it looks in front of the visitors. Well, in this case, you should probably want to use the Google Penguins to increase the visibility of your blog even more.


How to use Google Penguin in your advantage


Creating content is a delicate subject, and then waiting the readers is also another annoying task. You can find so many interesting things on Google, but also many “trashes” that don’t deserve even the slightest attention. Those “trashes” receive attention from the visitors not because the content is interesting, but because the majority of websites have links and they are optimized for certain keywords. Well, in this case, Penguin analyzes the links of a webpage, determining if the techniques used by the webmasters are legal or not. If you are able to win the trust of Google, by using only legal practices, the Penguin will detect this behavior, and your page will surely be promoted in front of other pages of this kind. Even if the majority of websites have problems in getting from PR 10 to 9, after this first huge step, the road is easy, especially if you have legal and trusted links that will be liked by Penguins and other programs of this kind.


The Google Penguins are programs that make sure that the old methods used by webmasters to increase the pagerank, such as placing comments on the blog, buying links in the sidebar and so.


Google has changed, it will always change, and the internet with it. It is the nature of technology. Here are some simple methods to benefit of an increased attention from the Google penguins, and some legal methods to have an increased online popularity.


-          try to focus on a single niche that you are passionate about

-          be connected to the online world, and promote your page on social networks and specialized blogs

-          try to create interest about your page, and try to get recommendations from the most professional sites and blogs in your area, without using negative tactics


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