Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask

Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask



Dead Consuming Seal


Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask. We are all curious to find out the mystery about the Naruto series. As well as Kabuto’s edo tensei brings back almost all major shinobi and kage’s. But our 1st Hokage Hashirama Senju, 2nd Hokage Tobirama Senju, 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze are already sealed with reaper soul of death. Even Jiraya cannot be summoned in the battle, because his corpse is underwater at unfathomable depth. So there is no possible way for Kabuto to summon Jiraya-sama and Uchiha Shisui, and to summon the sage of the six paths is not a easy thing. And maybe he has an ability to break the edo tensei. But a masked man has the ability to tame the nine tailed fox, and perhaps he can summon sage of the six paths with control(i hope it wont be happen).


lets come to the Uchiha sharingan.

Eternal sharingan activates when they posses their siblings mangekyo sharingan. with the alternative mangekyo sharingan of their own siblings, their Elder siblings mangekyo sharingan emerges from the posseser’s mangekyo sharingan with replaced mangekyo sharingan known to be eternal sharingan.

Madara’s Eternal Sharingan

Madara uchiha posses his brother izuna’s mangekyo sharingan. as you can see elder brother madara mangekyo sharingan Blooms inside with izuna’s mangekyo sharingan.

Sasuke’s Eternal Sharingan

Sasuke uchiha posses his brother itachi’s mangekyo sharingan, Elder brother of sasuke – Itachi’s mankyekyo sharingan blooms inside sasuke’s eternal sharingan.

Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan

Now kakashi hatake is posses obito”s sharingan, How could he obtain a mangekyo sharingan without uchiha’s blood? its still a mystery! When an Uchiha activates mangekyo sharingan in both eyes they gain Two powers -Ninjutsu- And -Genjutsu- Those who awaken both mangekyo Sharingan have the ability of -susanoo-

Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask


Masked Madara Using Space Time Ninjutsu

Masked madara (Right Eye) has ability of spacetime Jutsu -Ninjutsu- and izanagi like Hologram Technique. It will be obito uchiha, his mangekyo sharingan has the ability to use space time, and kakashi too. Masked madara and kakashi hatake has a similar sharingan ninjutsu (space-time). Masked madara uses that space time jutsu to teleport via pocket dimension.

Kakashi’s Space time jutsu towards deidera

Even kakashi has the same type of space time jutsu ninjutsu to teleport a Target from one place to another dimension. So is masked madara is Obito Uchiha?






Battle with konan

During the battle with konan Masked madara shows both his sharingan. Does that mean that Masked madara needs to cover his sharingan like kakashi? If so, then who sharingan he is using on the left side? There is a less possibility to be Uchiha Obito. I hope mashashi kishimoto never writes a story that could be easily predicted by us. Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask






Izuna Uchiha Death, Yet Now

Izuna Uchiha and Madara Uchiha exchanged their mangekyo sharingan? -Maybe- So izuna Uchiha hides behind the mask in the name of uchiha madara?


Before the last breath of madara, did he used izuna from edo tensai and planned for moon eye operation?



Madara Already Knew About Edo Tensai And Moon Eye Plan

Madara already knew about edo tensai and planned this operation. There is a high posibility to be izuna uchiha, because that Uchiha corpse maybe madara uchiha, As we know that eternal sharingan is in the form of two mangekyo sharingan. maybe my previous theory was wrong, Alternative mangekyo sharingan emerges from the user’s mangekyo sharingan. In term, owner of the mangekyo sharingan appears as primary form and user of the alternative sharingan act as a secondary form that appears in eternal sharingan. Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask






Despite losing to Senju Hashirama, Madara gained portion of hashirama’s strength and managed to survive


If masked madara is really a madara’s shell, A technique madara was able to perform before he died and the one who has been summoned by the impure world resurrection jutsu was his real body.i remembered the time when masked madara asked kabuto “how did you get that?”.clearly he knows everything about the body & have been upset to know that orochimaru knows a lot of things about uchiha madara. And he is not dead after the battle with shodai Hokage, Besides orochimaru dedicated his research about the mystery of the uchiha clan because he was interested with their eyes. There is a high possibility to be Zetsu with madara body or izuna body. Imposter Of Uchiha Madara A Man Behind The Mask


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