Internet’s Changing the Lifestyle of Every Teenager

Happy TeensToday Internet is the part of everyone’s life and without this, it’s like we are useless, dumb and we cannot work without this. This is because internet has grabbed the attention of all the users by attracting them with various things like making businesses, education purposes, entertainments and etc…

In a case study we found that, most of the teenagers under 16-20 years age have been utilizing internet and making a lot of bucks with it. This is the perfect time for them to earn money because they have the free time and can earn money by working as part-time. This also helps them in studies and if they end up inventing something like Zuck then they don’t need to study at all. Most of the teenagers are Freelancers, YouTube Video Makers, Promoters, Learners and Bloggers who are using the internet for many purposes and building themselves.

Lifestyle of Every Teenager

There are two reasons behind this, either they are developing for money or it may be their passion to help others and make them to know the right thing.

Entertainments on other way

Some of them use the internet to just time pass because either they might not me interested in geeky stuffs or want to use it for just time pass. Well I don’t care why and for what purpose they use, but I want to tell you how a teenager uses for his/her enjoyments.

Facebooking – As usual it’s the place for all productive and time pass makers.

Twitter – Getting the updates of your favorite actors, persons and inspiration makers

Gaming – 80% of the teenagers are gamers on the internet. Most of them are addicted to play stations, xbox games and PC games like battlefield, Call of Duty, Dota, GTA, HALO and other games.

Explorers on the other side

While we have seen some teenagers who just utilize the internet for entertainment purposes. But there are some serious persons, who utilize internet to develop content, develop websites, make some productive things and sell them. These people are very talented and they are making $$$$ by blogging and other stuff.
There are many ways to earn money online, so every teenager is grabbing the opportunity to explore and earn something with their talent.

Coders and programmers are investing a lot of money and gaining double profit with their techniques and methods


The age from 16 makes a person to think of his own and starts telling to do something unique and productive so everyone choose their own way, that’s why most of the successful persons in the world are mostly the young minds. The age between 16 -20 is the age to enjoy everything, but not everyone enjoy at this age, some scarier this and do the hard work to achieve the success for something they don’t have or passionate about. This is what I can conclude on this topic!

Hope you have understood… if my opinion on this topic is wrong or any suggestions regarding this please let us know. It will be very great to discuss with you.


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